A little something About us

Hey there!
We are an unprofessional translators team, yes, Unprofessional!!

A piece of brief information before you start reading(or want to throw a stone at me because of the mistakes in the translate lol):


  • We do this translating for fun as a fan since we enjoy the novel. If you are the authors of the novel and you don’t want us to translate, please message so we will take it down.
  • All of the posts are NOT edited so expect errors on grammar, typos, etc.
  • A VERY VERY VERY Important NOTE: Neither English nor Chinese is our first language so the mistake is unavoidable.
  • We are always welcome for all the feedback whether it is about the mistake in the post, typos, etc.
A little something about our members:


Ashy Xue: Hmmm.....Actually, I am also an pure introvert who has an awkward social communication lol

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