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[BDBM] Chapter 1- First Sight(2)

Three months later. The Capital City

Yuan Che just came out of the bathroom when he heard the doorbell ring.

He frowned. And went to open the door as he wiped his hair.

At the door appeared a man in his early twenties with a very handsome appearance. He dressed in plain clothe and his soft hair was lifted in the breeze. With a pair of shining clear as crystal eyes and a slightly upturned eyes tail, it made him look just like a soft Persian cat causing other people wanting to stroke him.

“Hello, Are you Mr. Yuan? I was introduced to come by Mr. Wang.” The man’s voice was soft and clear, very pleasing to the ear.

“Come on in.” Yuan Che retrieved his sight then turned around and walk inside.

Fang Ru closed the door behind him and followed behind Yuan Che as he sized this second young master up. He was much more powerful in person than his photograph. His facial features were as profound as a sculpture with the stereoscopic of the Western men. His wet hair draped over his forehead slightly covering up those pairs of sharp eyes. When he used those pairs of eyes to look at himself just now, it was somewhat carried with a persnickety and scrutinizing over him like a military parade instructor which gave him an air of indescribable pressure. He’s 180 centimeters in height, and his brawniness bared upper body muscles were full of vigor. He wore a pair of loose slacks revealing his perfect waist curve. There was a sense of harmonic rhythm when he walked.

Fang Ru couldn’t help but sigh. This man had such a model figure that could make any woman’s heart flip-flopping.

Entering the house, just to greet by a scattered mess. There were dirty clothes and scraps laid over everywhere whether it on the floor, on the sofa, or the chairs. All kinds of daily necessities were placed randomly and the astray on the teapoy was full of cigarette butts. The windows were wide open and the curtains were swinging and swaying in the breeze, making an inordinate flapping sound.

The spacious living room was designed in a sophisticated design. It’s too bad that it was in such a depressing color, there was no vibrant decoration at all. Thus, it seems a bit empty and monotonous.

Poor living habits, living in such an unkempt life. Fang Ru made this evaluation in his heart.

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Yuan Che was still toweling his hair as he sat on the sofa and said: “Since you are the person introduced by Uncle Wang, you should have been understood about the rules. From now on, you will live in the guest room. You will be in charge of my diet and cleaning. I usually don’t come home for lunch except on weekends so you only need to prepare breakfast and dinner. Don’t disturb me unless it is something urgent and you are not allowed to fiddle with the things in my room. The probation period is half a month. If I don’t ask you to leave in half a month, then you can stay. Understood?”

Yuan Che spoke in a fast speech. His speech was blunt and decisive and it sounds very magnetic. Although it didn’t contain any vexation, still it delivered such dignity that could not be profaned.

“Un, I understand.” Fang Ru revealed a smile. His expression was calm without the slightest bit of fear.

Yuan Che looked at him for a moment before he asked: “Are you called Fang Ru? I’ve read your information earlier. Why did a freshly graduated college student like you come to be a personal assistant?”

“I majored in piano and it’s hard to find a job in China.” Fang Ru continued, “I have some skill in cooking and also have an experience in-home nursing care. So, seeing that Mr. Wang is recruiting a personal assistant, I then decided to fight for this job.”

“All right, you can start tidying the house first. And don’t come to disturb me before the dinnertime.” Yuan Che has no interest in continuing the conversation, he then turned and walked straight to the room leaving only Fang Ru in the living room.

Fang Ru laughed and rolled up his sleeves.

His nanny career has officially started.

In the evening, Yuan Che smelled a refreshing fragrance of rice as soon as he opened the door of his study room. As he walked up to the living room, the original mess had disappeared and it was replaced by a clean and tidy sight.

Yuan Che nodded slightly. In the cleaning aspect – Passed.

“Mr. Yuan, the meal will be ready in a minute. Please have a seat.” Fang Ru pulled out the chair, then turned to the kitchen and put the meals on the table one by one.

He made two meat dishes, one vegetable, and one soup, which all were simple home-cooked dishes.

Yuan Che looked at the dishes on the table and raised his chopsticks to taste a few with a poker face.

The taste was acceptable – Passed.

“You sit down to eat together as well.” Yuan Che suddenly said to the other person.

“Ah? Isn’t that inappropriate ba?”

“Sit down, don’t let me say it twice.” Yuan Che’s eyes flashed with impatience.

Fang Ru no longer refused and sat opposite Yuan Che with a bowl and chopsticks.

The afterglow of the setting sun shining into the room through the windowsill, covering the tables with a layer of light pink tulle shade.

The two sat opposite each other and quietly eating.

Yuan Che’s expression is focused and cold as if eating was also a job, without a sight bit of relaxation and comfort. He was also a carnivore type of person. He just picked the vegetable dish a few times but he rapidly ate those two meat dishes. And his table manner can be described as clean and neat.

Thus, Fang Ru’s initial impression of him was not that bad.

He felt slightly relax. Besides the vegetable dishes, Fang Ru has made all the other dishes according to Yuan Che’s preference. He didn’t want to be fired on the first day because of some trivial matter.

After dinner, Fang Ru cleaned up the table and made a cup of Longjing tea(1) for Yuan Che.

“I saw this tea in the cupboard, so I decided to make tea for you.”

Yuan Che smelled the fragrance of tea. After a moment, he said: ” Make a call to this number. Go back to pack up your things.”

After he finished, he threw him a business card, “This is my driver’s phone number. Ask him to help you move in.”

“Thank you.” Fang Ru gave a gentle smile, “Then Mr. Yuan, I’m leaving now.”

Yuan Che just slightly nodded noncommittally.

After Fang Ru left, Yuan Che immediately took out his mobile phone and dialed a call: “Dylan, help me check on someone.”


  1. Longjing tea, sometimes called by its literal translated name Dragon Well tea. It is the most famous tea in China with a lingering fragrance and mellow taste.


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