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[BDBM] Chapter 1-First Sight

TL: Ashy Xue

“Chairman Yuan, are you sure that you are hiring a psychologist and not a nanny?” Fang Ru glanced at the pill of documents placed on his table that he yet to flipped through.

“Yes, I know that this proposal is somewhat contradiction but I would like to asked for Mr. Fang understanding the feelings of being a father. Had it not been for the fact that I had left with no choice, I also wouldn’t make this kind of decision.” The old man sitting opposite Fang Ru smiled as he spoke in a sincere tone. His eyes held the depth of wisdom and his body radiant the noble temperament that indicate his superior background and status.

“At least a year of personal nursing, and must also conceal my identity as psychotherapist. In this case, how could there be any mean to make your son cooperate with my treatment?”

The old man sighed helplessly: “He strongly loathes other who make the analysis about his thinking patterns. Never once did he ever willing to accept the psychological treatment. I had invited many specialists however not only it was all fruitless but that also triggered his negative emotions.”

“But, this type of treatment obviously goes against the professional rules. It’s indeed hard for me to accept it.”

“I am very well aware of this matter.” The old man sipped his tea and slowly said: “About that, Mr. Fang, you don’t have to worry. I will sign a prior confidentiality agreement with you. If there happen to have any dispute during the treatment process, you will not be held any accountable besides, there will even be a compensation for you. All I want is just to ask you to provide a proper help to my son. During this time, you don’t need to worry about any other issues. Just treat yourself as a typical personal assistant.”

Fang Rui thought for a moment before lifted his head to asked: “Chairman Yuan, I have another question. There are so many excellent psychologist counselors in China. Why did you choose me?”

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The old man smiled at him and replied: “First, since you have just returned to China, your reputation is not well known in the country therefore it’s unlikely to cause him to harbor any suspicion. It’s true that there are a lot of well-known psychologists in the country, yet he knows them as clear as crystal. Second, you look really young. From looking at your outward appearance alone, you look more like a pure sunshine student, thus it won’t arouse his antipathy toward you. Thirdly, apart from your rich knowledge in your specialized field, you’re also good at cooking and even having a mild personality which make you the most suitable person to taking care of him.”

Fang Ru pursed his lips and said nothing.

The old man was very patient. He quietly awaited his response.

A while later, Fang Ru changed his sitting posture and slowly stretch out his hand to flip open those piles of document on the table.

Seeing this, the old man revealed a trace of smile on the corner of his mouth.

Fang Ru conscientiously reading the detail of the document.

Yuan Che, 25 years old, the second young master of Yuan Group….

Yuan Group is a multinational enterprise which has a big influent in both national and abroad and its total properties are hard to estimate. The current leader of the Yuan Group is the old man, Yuan Feng, who sitting in front of him now. Yuan Feng has three sons and one daughter. The eldest son Yuan Ze, the second son Yuan Che, the third daughter Yuan Jing, the fourth son Yuan Xi. Both Yuan Ze and Yuan Che are Group’s managing director. The former can often be seen in magazines and newspapers, but the latter has a very little information.

According to the data, it stated that he hates taking pictures and loath to give interviews. And, he seldom participates in any non-work-related social events.

“IQ 180?” Fang Ru raised his eyebrow.

“Yes, That’s right.” A proud smile enlightened on the old man’s face, “He is the smartest and the most capable one among my three sons. Unfortunately, because of his personality defects, it made him to has some communication barriers which make it difficult for ordinary people to get along with him.”

Fang Ru nodded and continue reading.

This documents recorded Yuan Che’s life experience, lifestyle, preferences, characteristics, his behavior patterns and so on are recorded in detail with some expert analysis data, so that Fang Ru can has a comprehensive understanding of him.

It can be seen that Yuan Che is an active mind, an innovator type of person and also a courageous and talent leader with a strong sense of self-awareness.  He is an energic person with an irritably temper, as well as a slight tendency for violence which often happen while he is in his high tension mood……….. These are all the general manifestation of mania episode (T/N: aka bipolar disorder.)

Then, the old man continued: “He would try to control his emotions in front of outsiders, and normally there would not be any out of control situation unless some people intentionally anger him. But once he returned back home, he constantly getting angry and he would start to throwing thing or shut himself up in his room all day without coming out. Once he got angry, he was just like a lion ready to bite its prey. We were both worried and afraid of him. So, he moved out of the house and bought himself a house in the capital to live alone.”

Fang Ru listened silently without express any opinion.

The old man continued: “Since he had moved out, he didn’t even know how many helpers he had changed in these three years. No one could last more than two months with him. He has made great achievements at his work, but he was a mess in life.”

Fang Ru closed the folder and said in a flat tone: ” I have a basic understanding of your son’s condition. However, the specific details still need to be contacted before we reach a conclusion.”

“So, you mean, you are willing to take this case?”

Fang Ru laughed: “Chairman Yuan even condescended to come and invite me in person with sincerity, so for what reasons do I have to refuse? Moreover, this case is also a good challenge for me.”

“Great then.” The old man laughed heartily. After a paused he added, “Mr. Fang, I’m very glad that you agreed. But if you want to get into his life, you must first let him accepts you.”

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“I know.” Fang Ru gave a sly smile, “Interviews are generally required before taking up the positions.”

“Haha, yes.” The old man nodded happily, “You can rest assured that whether you can succeed in the interview or not, I will still give you a sufficient reward.”

“I have no objection regard the remuneration.” Fang Ru’s sight fell on the document again, as he calmly said, “I only have one request. I will have to trouble Chairman Yuan to arrange a proper new identity for me.”


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