Boss, Please don't be a Manic

[BDBM] Chapter 2- Testing

Up early in the morning, Fang Ru went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast after freshening himself up. He had always had a good habit of early to bed and early to rise and had his three meals a day on time.

“Morning, Mr. Yuan” Fang Ru saw Yuan Che coming to the living room so he greeted him with a smile “Today’s breakfast is sandwiches and hot milk.”

Yuan Che sat down and said “I don’t like to drink milk. Change it into juice or coffee for me.”

“All right.” Fang Ru then gave him a glass of juice in replacement.

Yuan Che frowned as he took a bite of the sandwich, then threw it back into the plate in displeasure, and left the table without uttering a word.

Fang Ru looked at the sandwich that has just been taken a bite out of it …. not drinking milk and not eating vegetables. He didn’t want to have even a few lettuce leaves in the sandwich. Fang Ru knew that he didn’t like to eat these and he merely wanted to test his level of pickiness just now. And the result is out now. He obviously had manic-depressive disorder symptoms, plus he also persistent on eating only greasy food too!

Half an hour later, Yuan Che went out of the room dressing in a suit and tie.

Fang Ru handed him a paper bag as he was about to go out: “Mr. Yuan, you haven’t eaten anything for breakfast. Take this with you ba.”

“What is this thing?” Yuan Che just casually blurt out without even lift his eyes to see.

“Chicken wraps and a handmade Plum juice.”

Yuan Che paused then took the paper bag and went out.

After seeing this young master off, Fang Ru turned to take a look around the house, then he ambled into the study room.

Unlike the living room, Yuan Che’s study room was extremely neat and tidy. The large black bookshelves on the right almost occupy the entire wall, and the books were neatly arranged from left to right according to the type on it. A huge desk is placed by the window with only a computer on it. Behind the table stands a small shelf with some documents. On the left’s a set of a leather sofa and wooden tea table. There a few bottles of red wine were stored in the vertical cabinet.

The entire room gave off a simple yet solemn vibe, totally devoid of the temperature. 

Fang Ru then went out of that room. Although he came here for the purpose of giving him the treatment, he had no interest in intruding someone else privacy. He just checked out this study room to get a more in-depth understanding of Yuan Che’s characteristics of living as well as his behavior habit. The second purpose was to prepare and do his job in cleaning up the room as per his nanny duties. But apparently, second young master Yuan’s attitude toward his study room and the living room was just as like an apple to an oyster (1), so presumably, he only needs to pat off the dust in this study room daily.

Fang Ru then went to Yuan Che’s bedroom. As expected, it’s was very dull and empty, and besides that impressively big shocking bed SIZE(2) others were just a lackluster interior. Dwelling in this kind of stone-cold environment for so long, even the unneurotic person would still break out in suffocation.  

Backing into his room, Fang Ru turned his laptop on and began to create a secret file to record his observations of the day.

The first thing Yuan Che did as soon as he walked into the office was to sort out the documents. He looked at his watch afterward and saw that there was still 10 more minutes before his work’s time start so he took out the lunch box that Fang Ru handed to him and opened up the lid.

Inside the box were chicken wraps, plum juice, and chocolates.


Yuan Che shrugged his eyebrows and asked the secretary to bring him a cup of coffee. Then, he skimmed through the information on the computer as he enjoyed his breakfast at the same time.

There was nothing that he hated in the breakfast this time, even the sour plum juice was also very appetizing thus he ate it quite fast. He inadvertently picked a piece of chocolate and put it in his mouth. The slight sweetness aroma and the silky and smooth red wine flavor was filled on the tip of his tongue as it melted in his mouth.

Hm? Yuan Che’s movement paused and turned to look at those chocolates. The sweetness was moderate and the texture was smooth and silky but not greasy. He couldn’t help eating another one. The taste was different this time. It was crispy, and silky smooth with bittersweet in taste, very tasty.

There were five pieces of plain chocolate yet with five different flavored. He was quite thoughtful.

Yuan Che’s face revealed a slight soothing expression.

However, his good mood did not last long. In the following meeting, because of the fault of a certain branch manager, everyone felt as if they were in the Arctic.

After work, the driver trembled as he gingerly drove Yuan Che home. Yuan Che push opened the door and entered the house with a grim-face, then slammed the door shut. He kicked off the shoes, went to grab the ashtray, and smash it against the wall, which made a crackling sound.

Fang Ru poked his head out of the kitchen upon hearing the sound and found that Yuan Che was sweeping the things in the living room just as a strong gust of wind sweeping off the fallen leaves.

He didn’t expect that he would be this lucky to see the second young master Yuan’s manic episode on his second day at work. He indeed was a fiend, not only did he throwing things but also kicking. Those tables, chairs, cups, and bowls were overturned or shredded. One moment he sat down, the next he stood up, his face revealed a madly excited expression, and he seems to be totally out of control. No wonder there were no decorations in this house whatsoever. With this kind of his destructive power, any ornaments will have been meeting their death miserably.

“What’re you looking at!” Yuan Che’s hawk-like eyes were directed straight at Fang Ru.

Fang Ru quickly raised his kitchen knife and replied: “Sorry, Mr. Yuan, I don’t know it can’t be seen. I’ll go now. You, go on.”

With that, he went back into the kitchen and continued to cook his soup and cut his vegetables.

Yuan Che was stunned. What does he meant by “You go on”? Did he think that he’s watching a movie?

With a cold snort, Yuan Che took off his jacket and flicked it on the sofa, then laid down on the sofa and draw out a cigarette and light it. After he took a few puffs, he lurched in to kick the tea table, then loosened his tie with an irritated looked.

Hearing that there was no anymore movement outside, Fang Ru walked out of the kitchen. He opened the French windows and sent the breeze into the house.

After that, he made a cup of milk tea, and gently placed it on the coffee table beside Yuan Che, then walked away, took out the cleaning tools and started cleaning the living room.

Yuan Che ignored him, he afraid he couldn’t control himself and would throw things at people, but Fang Ru was very aware of the current situation and didn’t come to bother him. He simply just walking around leisurely and naturally.

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There was a clanking sound emitted from cup clattered in a saucer as it was placed on the tea-table following by the faint fragrance wafted into his nose. Yuan Che turned his head and saw a cup of milk tea on the corner of the tea table. The smell that lingered in the air as well as that tawny color tea was all very lekker.

He suddenly felt that the smoke in his mouth was full of bitterness, so he snuffed out his cigarette and picked up the cup of milk tea.

After a sip, he felt a little calmer and started to notice the busy figure.

At this moment, Fang Ru was taking Yuan Che as the center and he gradually dwindling inward from the periphery as he cleaning up bit by bit, little by little. His movement was neither hurry nor slow and it didn’t seem like he was doing a clean up whatsoever, but more like he was painting, dotting, drawing, bending, stroking……….., If there’s music, he would be suspected that this guy could even dance.

After been through that scene just now, not only did he not afraid of him but also able to maintain such a relaxed and free mood. That was quite beyond logic and reason ah.

Fang Ru had cleaned up to Yuan Che’s side, with just only a step away from him. Yuan Che didn’t show any disgust or anger, he simply just cast a glance at him.  

Fang Ru smiled and turned to take the garbage out.

Then, he went to his room to change his clothes before came out to set up the table, and said: “Mr. Yuan, It is time for dinner.”

Yuan Che got up and came to the table, staring straight at Fang Ru, and said coldly: ” Don’t you have anything to say?”

“Ah? What does Mr. Yuan want me to say?” Fang Ru looked back at him, his glass-like eyes were somewhat perplexed.

“Didn’t you see my state just now?” Yuan Che had a strained expression on his face, and his tone was bleak.

” I saw it.” Fang Ru touched his nose and slightly lowered his head, his hair fell over and drape on his forehead following his movements.

 ” Actually, Mr. Wang had mentioned it to me before I came here, so I have gotten myself mentally prepared. “

“Really? You are not afraid at all?”

“En, I had also been trained.” Fang Ru raised his head, revealing an innocent angelic smile.

Yuan Che’s eyes flashed, and he was choked with rage in his throat, unable to swallow or spit it out.

What’s with “I had also been trained”? Did he mean that he might not lose even if there’s a fight?

“Trained? Well then, if there is a chance, I will find you to have two moves with me.” Yuan Che looked critically at him from head to toe. He was only around 175 cm tall in height with a slender figure, there was no sight of calluses on those hands, his step was as light as a feather, and had a gentle temperament.

Just where did it look like “Had been through Training”?

“En, Okay ah.” Fang Ru agreed with great alacrity.  

Yuan Che didn’t dare to underestimate this time, perhaps he had really concealed his ability.

After dinner, Yuan Che went into his study room. He turned on the computer and found that he had received a new mail. The sender was Dylan, it should be the result of what he was asked to investigate before. He clicked to open the mail and earnestly read the information sent by Dylan.

Fang Ru, 23 years old, from City A, his parents died an early death, graduated from H Academy of music, majoring in piano…

Yuan Che’s knocking on the table as he browsing through the file. This information didn’t seem to be much different from the prior resume that Uncle Wang gave him. Could it be that he is being overly suspicious?

Yuan Che’s mouth twisted in a sneering smile, let’s assume that he was just being paranoid then. He did not want to delve into the depth of the detail, as long as he applied himself conscientiously to his duties, the rest was just byplay. After two days of living together, he’s quite satisfied with this guy. His cooking skills were good, his personality was mild and not annoying.  

Hopefully, he could last a little longer, he was really tired in finding the replacement person for the job.

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On the other side, sitting in front of the computer was a man with the grimace on his face as he murmured: “Boss, you must not blame me, big boss sent someone with a gun against my head, I had no choice but to do as what they want. In fact, it’s nice to have a psychologist with you, isn’t it… “

In the following days, Fang Ru started to test Yuan Che’s emotional control ability step by step and improving his living condition standard at the same time.

For example, adding a bit of warm color.

“Fang Ru, What’s this thing?” Yuan Che raised two Khaki fox pillows on the sofa and asked with a sullen face 

“Ah, this is my cushion.” Fang Ru took hold of the cushion, then pressed his face against it, and muttered: “I think it will be more comfortable to put two cushions on the sofa, don’t Mr. Yuan like it?”

Yuan Che pursed his lip as he stared at his face which was surrounded by the foxes. He felt an inexplicably tickling sensation and stiffly said: “If you want to put it on, then put it ba!”

“Thank you, Mr. Yuan.”

“But it must be placed on where I can’t sit!”

Upon hearing the words, Fang Ru looked around, then his eyes lit up, and placed the fox cushions on the sofa’s armrest, one on each side.

“What do you think of this, Mr. Yuan? I will put it here as you certainly won’t sit on the armrest.”

“…” Yuan Che looked at that stupid good for nothing foxes. He felt that the aesthesis style of the entire sofa has been ruined by them.

At breakfast.

“Fang Ru, what is this?” Yuan Che pointed to the poached egg in which was decorated in a smiling face on the plate with a distorted expression.

“Happy Poached Egg and Ham Set meal.” Fang Ru put on a glass of juice, “Perfect!” (T/N: It was in English in the original context)

Where was it Perfect? This was such a twisted smiling face!

“It’s all your favorite food. Please enjoy it ba!”

“…” Are you sure that your Chinese is Ok?

During lunch break.

When Yuan Che opened the box that Fang Ru gave him, he was almost blinded by the weird cookies in the box. Each cookie has a different shape, bicycle, car, ship, tank, □□(3), bomb, gun, rocket……. He felt that Fang Ru had a sufficient mind that capable of conquering the world, he didn’t miss any detail of □□(4) at all. Wait, this piece of cookie that looks just like cat shit couldn’t be the same as □□(5) ba!

“Fang Ru, I will deduct your wages if you keep preparing this kind of thing for me tomorrow!” Yuan Che yelled through the phone.

Fang Ru hung up the phone and was overwhelmed with joy. He did not take his threats seriously at all.

He didn’t do it just to improve his quality of life, but also to guide him to express his emotions in an appropriate way.

Yuan Che was subconsciously afraid of losing his control, so he suppressed his own emotions all the time whether it was his pleasure, anger, sorrow, or joy. But once he really went out of control, he will vent out his emotion like the strike from a furious storm. The small changes in his life were obviously not strong enough to touch his bottom line, what really strained his nerves was the high-tempo working mode of him.


  1. It is an idiom here. As like as an apple is to an oyster also known as an apple to an orange which meant that the items that cannot be compared with each other, an unfair comparison, two things that belong to different classes, things that are completely different, possessing non-identical attributes, and it is in a contrast between. Source:
  2. The authors wrote it in English/ SIZE.
  3. 3,4,&5 was originally written like this. Maybe it is related to the military subject? I don’t know too.

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