BOSS,请不要狂躁 by 雪原幽灵BOSS, qǐng bùyào kuángzào by xuěyuán yōulíng

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Genre: Modern Time, Yaoi, Drama, Romance, Psychological, Mature

Novel Status: Completed 59 Chapters+4 Extras
Translator: Ashy

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A year of psychotherapy and cohabitation. A confrontation between solidity and tenderness.

Fang Ru – a psychotherapist who hides his true profession and disguise himself as an assistant of a dangerous character, Yuan Che.

Yuan Che – a bipolar disorder patient, a workaholic, a doer, an imperiously tyrannical man with a strong possessive and controlling desire.

[A black belly Shou Vs. A Manic Gong]


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