Chapter 3- Socialize

Yuan Che had just walked out of the room when he caught sight of Fang Ru entered the house in a sportswear suit.  There were beads of sweat on his forehead, his cheeks flushed, and there was a mist in his eyes.

“Where did you go?”, he enquired.

“Huh? Why did you up so early today, Mr. Yuan?”

Fang Ru wiped off his sweat with a towel and said with a smile, “I went for a jog. I used to go jogging every morning before and since I have finally nailed down my work these days, I just want to keep up this habit of mine.”

Seeing that Yuan Che’s gaze was still on him, he quickly added: “Mr. Yuan rest assured that I will not let it interfere with my work. I also pay special attention to hygiene by taking a shower after running before doing anything.”

Yuan Che turned his head away and directly went to sat on the sofa and picked up the newspaper to read.

Fang Ru smiled then walked at a brisk pace towards his room. As soon as the door was closed, his face crumpled with despair. He touched his waist and grumbled: “Poor me, I haven’t run for years….…”

After took a quick shower, Fang Ru then went into the kitchen to prepare breakfast for Yuan Che. He had just cracked an egg when Yuan Che’s voice came from behind: “I want to eat noodles today.”

“Okay~” Fang Ru sang in response.

“I don’t want noodle soup. I want Lo Mein. (1)“, he added.

“Okay.” Fang Ru took out the meat, Bok choy(2), potatoes, chives, and other ingredients from the refrigerator.

“Don’t put bok choy, chives, potatoes, cucumbers, and radishes.”

Fang Ru paused before turned around to asked: “Then, what would you like to eat?”

“Do as you please, just don’t put those things, but they must be delicious.” 

Leaving this sentence, Yuan Che turned and gracefully walked away.

Hmm? What wrong with this Second Young Master Yuan? Fang Ru looked at the ingredients on his hand with the tangled expression.

Twenty minutes later, Fang Ru came out with a plate of Lo Mein.

Yuan Che examined it carefully. That was a plate of red sauce Lo Mein without any bit of green, nor meat.

“What’s in it?”

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“You can taste it. It’s absolutely no bok choy, chives, potatoes, cucumbers, and radishes.” Fang Ru revealed a beaming smile.

Yuan Che picked up a fork to stirred it several times then he forked some noodles into his mouth. He had just only eaten half a mouthful yet he kept twitching his brows as if he was in a great forbearance. He swallowed the noodle after a few seconds of enduring, then he gulped down the juice.

“Mr. Yuan, how does it taste?” Fang Ru enquired as to if wanting his praise.

Yuan Che mouth slightly twitched: “Stimulating.” Too stimulating, indeed!

This fellow added ketchup and sour plum meat in the noodles, it was so sour that his teeth almost falling out. Although he quite likes sour food, but with this degree of sourness, he indeed couldn’t handle it! Why didn’t he simply make him meat Lo Mein? He had made it so obvious that time!

But after taking a few more bites, he actually can adapt to the taste. Yuan Che inwardly admired his strong taste buds.

“Why don’t you eat?” Yuan Che looked at Fang Ru who standing by his side.

“I already ate when I went jogging this morning. I had Zhang Ji’s steamed stuffed bun and a bowl of hot bean curd. It’s very tasty.” Fang Ru pondered on the aftertaste.

Yuan Che pursed his lip and continued to forked noodles into his mouth, eating bite after bite.

Halfway through the meal, he dropped his fork all of a sudden: “Not eating anymore.” Then he got up and walked into the room. But a while later, he came out in his suit, ready to go to work.

Fang Ru rushed to give him a paper bag: “Today’s snack.”

“No need for today.” Yuan Che slammed the door shut with a “bang”.

Fang Ru looked at the closed shut door. He touched his chin with a thoughtful expression showing on his face.

On Top floor of Yuan Group Subarea Building.

After Yuan Che cleared off his work at hand, he habitually reached out to get his food box but he could only touch the empty space, only then did he recall that he didn’t bring it today.

These days, Fang Ru would always prepare some snacks for him. Although the thing he made was all outlandish food, yet he had an exquisite craftsmanship idea which gave him a feeling of treasure hunting in searching for his favorite taste among those bunch of bizarre foods.

He refused the food box from Fang Ru because of his inexplicable shifts of mood this morning. Now, it seemed as if there was a void in his heart and he felt extremely terrible.

Yuan Che ruffled his hair in agitated then asked his secretary to bring him a cup of coffee, and asked her to informed the Department Manager and Business Executive to hand in the SE full project proposal report (3) to him on her way. The Secretary had an odd expression on her face and inwardly mourned for those Managers and Executives. She remembered that the latest report was just put on the agenda the day before……

As expected, with only just half an hour later, a few people who jittery went into Yuan Che’s office were fleeing out in disarray seemingly running off from death, one after another. One could see that the office was in a chaotic scene just by a slight glimpsed. Therefore, Ms. Secretary wisely decided to wait for the lunch break before going in to clean up the mess.

Yuan Che was well known for his workaholic, his conscientious and meticulous manner, his rigid requirements towards all his subordinates, and his hot-tempered. He was generally known as “Grimy Tyrannosaurus”. No one in this company dares to go against him. They were both feared and convinced. What they feared was his fierce and explosive temper, and as for what they convinced was his capability and generosity. He had never been stingy with rewards to those who had an outstanding performance, and the employee treatment was also the best among all of the Yuan Group Division.

However, he scarcely reprimanded his subordinates for no apparent reason, and he would not arbitrarily give orders to deliberately punish people. It seemed like his behavior was a bit abnormal today, and his mood was also very unstable.

The next morning, Fang Ru went for a morning jog as usual. Yuan Che looked at his distant figure quietly through the window.

Yuan Che had been sitting in the living room for half an hour when Fang Ru returned. He noticed that Fang Ru was holding a rose in his hand. Without waiting for him to ask, Fang Ru took the initiative to thoroughly explain: “The grandmother from that garden villa gave this to me. Pretty, isn’t it?”

Fang Ru brought the rose to his nose tip and smelled it. His expression relaxed, and his smiling eyes resembled the crescent moon: “I am still very appealing after all.”

Yuan Che’s mouth slightly twitched as he quietly staring at him without uttering a word.

Fang Ru glanced around the room but couldn’t find any vessel that can be used to place his rose so he could only put it on the pillar of the cupboard’s pillar for the time being before went up to his room to get change and preparing the breakfast.

Fang Ru still didn’t join Yuan Che to dine this time. He apparently ate out again today, and he even remained like this for the following days. The only thing that different was that Fang Ru has begun to tell Yuan Che about some of the general information in this neighborhood, such as he once caught sight of a beautiful sheepdog and pug were deeply attached and love each other dearly, a couple of weird old men were arguing during chess match in the garden, the sunrise could be seen from the hilltop, and the rhododendrons along the lakeside were in full bloom scenery….. 

Yuan Che had never paid any interest in his neighborhood surrounding, but from Fang Ru’s mouth, he could always hear the numerous interesting things. Fang Ru’s voice was soft and mild, his tone was calm and pleasant as music which put him in a good mood. He went from felt a bit ratty at first to gradually getting adapt to it, and eventually listened to him attentively with his calm state of mind. 

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One day, Fang Ru brought Yuan Che some of Zhang Ji’s steamed stuffed buns.

Yuan Che said in disgust: “Can food from the outside stall be eaten?”

“Zhang Ji’s boss is certainly not like any ordinary person.” Fang Ru smiled and explained, “I had observed Zhang Shu for several days and found that he was very fastidious about his work. Every day, He would soak his hands before kneading the flour, and the ingredients used were also the high-quality one. His bun stall will open for two hours a day only, and he also sells it at a reasonable price. He doesn’t care about profit and loss, he just simply does this to enjoys the pleasure of life.

Fang Ru picked up a bun to took a bite before he continued: “The filling is thick and its skin is thin, even his broth is also very savory. It’s extremely delicious.”

Yuan Che looked at his satisfied appearance seems as if he couldn’t get enough of it and couldn’t help savoring for it either. He hesitated for a few seconds before reaching out to try it.

The taste was indeed not bad.

“The buns that I brought back today was almost turned cold. It would taste even better to eat it directly when it comes out of the steamer”. Fang Ru suddenly suggested, “Since Mr. Yuan rises early every day, then wouldn’t it be better to go to Zhang Ji’s stall with me to try some other flavors, tomorrow ba?”

Yuan Che was noncommittal, he neither confirmed nor denied it.

The next day, Yuan Che appeared in front of Fang Ru in his tracksuit.

Fang Ru just naturally bid him a “good morning”, and then head out into the neighborhood together with him, running shoulder by shoulder.

Throughout the way, there were many people greet at Fang Ru, and he also returned the greeting heartily.

Yuan Che didn’t expect that he would be so familiar with people around here within just a short period of time. He tilted his head slightly to look at the person beside him, those soft and silky short hair gently move along as he runs, his bead of sweat was faintly gleaming in the morning sun, his eyelashes quivered, just then, those pair of glass-like eyes inadvertently reflected into his eyes (T/N; their eyes met, that’s it) and he (Fang Ru) then gave him a smile.

Yuan Che abruptly felt his heart seemed to contract a bit.

After that, Fang Ru and Yuan Che went to Zhang Ji’s stall to enjoy the hot steamed stuffed bun. Since then, he had become a regular customer at Zhang Ji’s stall, and he went for a morning jog with Fang Ru every day.

Fang Ru took him up the hill to watch the sunrise, took a stroll at the lakeside, watching the old men playing chess, visiting the grandma at the garden villa to watch her pruning roses, playing with the pet dogs……as long as Fang Ru found it fun and interesting, he would sure taking Yuan Che to experience it all.

During this time, Yuan Che’s subordinates felt him changing obviously. Although his expression was as grim as before yet the frequency and severity of his tantrum had been lessened and even if someone occasionally made a mistake, they also weren’t encountered with the flying object attack nor his dreadfully offensive language attack. The atmosphere in the company was momentarily eased up greatly for once, even the air has also become both cleaner and fresher.

“Chief Yuan, are you going to attend Young Master Bai’s party tonight?”, asked the Secretary.

“Put it off.” Yuan Che rejected without lifting his head.

“But, the person in charge of Di Hua Consortium Group will also attend this gathering.”

Yuan Che paused. He was silent for a moment before saying: “Well, you go to arrange it. I will be attending.”

Then, he gave Fang Ru a call, telling him that he would not go back for today’s dinner.

Di Hua Consortium Group was a partner that they were trying to win over for corporations these days. Forming as an interest alliance with them will able them to seize up the future marketplace, and would also be of great help for them to grow their international influences. Besides them, there were also several Multinational Enterprises competing for them. Even if Yuan Che was very inconvenient to have an excessive amount of social intercourse with other people, but if he didn’t make an appearance in the public, other people would certainly make him as the subject of ridicule which would put an extremely detrimental to their cooperation process.

In the evening, the driver drove Yuan Che to the party. 

He stepped out of the car door and immediately attracted many people’s attention toward him.

The handsome appearance and that model’s figure along with an outstanding temperament, such a man would surely become the spotlight no matter where he went.

“Welcome, Second Young Master Yuan.” A man in a white suit came up to greet Yuan Che and shook hands with him. 

“Young Master Bai, I trust you have been well since we last met.” The two entered the lounge after exchanging the greeting.

Young Master Bai led Yuan Che and introduced him to many important figures, one of them was his target for tonight, the head of the Di Hua Consortium Group, James.

Yuan Che seldom presents at this kind of drinking reception. The majority of people who presented here have heard about him for a long time but never once did they have any chance to meet him in person. Seeing him now, He indeed was a hot stuff whether it was his appearance or his speech and manner, all of which can be called a dragon of all the people.

James was particularly showed simulated enthusiasm in him. He took the initiative to invite him to chat, then snuggled his body close to him and his arm would even touch his waist from time to time. Yuan Che straightened his body with a forbearing expression. It was not until James unexpectedly put his arm around Yuan Che’s shoulder as he invited him out to play golf with him on some other day, only then did he unable to bear it any longer.

He instantly pushed aside his arm and squeezed out a sentence with difficulty: “I need to use the toilet all of sudden.”, then walking out in a large stride.

When he approached the toilet in haste, Young Master Bai chased him up and whispered: “James seems to be very fond of you. You must not waste this opportunity.”

Yuan Che threw his fist to punch the wall, emitting the “Bang” sound echoing in the hallway.

“Since when did I, Yuan Che, have to sell off my dignity just for the sake of getting other favors?” His cold piercing glare was as fierce as a beast, giving Young Master Bai the creeps upon seeing this sight.  

With that said, he straightened his back then bypassed Young Master Bai and went into the toilet.

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Once Yuan Che got into the toilet, he promptly leaned against the door, his breathing was ragged, and his muscle was contracting. Just now, he had exerted an enormous amount of his willpower to keep himself from getting explode.

He took a bottle of medicine out of his pocket, pouring out a couple of pills and popped them into his mouth.

Only a few people had known about Yuan Che’s manic-depressive disorder, but those who familiar with him all aware that he was awfully loath to have any physical contact with other people. Today, James had touched his bottom line yet he deliberately couldn’t outburst his rage. He thought that he was able to control himself, but he ended up just like a defeated Commander in Chief after all.

There was the intensity of rage, unwilling and self-loathing flashed through Yuan Che’s eyes. Don’t tell him that he could only hide himself underneath the shadow, concealing his trial, and limiting his life for the rest of his life? His pride surely would not let him off to escape from it. He hoped there would be a day when he could stand in front of everyone’s eyes, receiving the reward of victory.

“Damn it!” Yuan Che lifted his feet and forcibly kick the wall.

After five minutes of venting his rage, Yuan Che called his assistant: “Attending the party on my behalf. I’ll go back first.”

After Yuan Che hung up the phone, he flung open the door and walked at a rapid pace toward the parking lot.


  1. 拌面- Stir fried noodles with vegetables and meat. More info to drool over here. (It was actually just a normal mix noodles guys lol)
  2. It literally mean green veggie but in this sentence it refer to ‘Chinese Cabbage’
  3. I am also not sure about this. I might get it wrong here. (*dodge the stone from readers)

Ashy Xue:

  • 别来无恙: Pretty Unrelated but how many of you have watched The untamed? Well, this sentence reminded me of the OST song “Bu Wang”. It brought back so many memory…….(Re-read the novel? Sound good!)
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