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Chapter 4 – A Duel

Yuan Che stormed into the house, slamming the door as he went in then strode toward Fang Ru’s door, and thumping on the door: “Fang Ru, open the door!”

The door was quickly opened. Fang Ru appeared in front of him in his pajamas, holding a bolster in his arms and asked confusingly, “Mr. Yuan, what’s the matter?”

“Come to have a duel with me.” With that said, Yuan Che headed toward the gym without even turning back.

Fang Ru touched his nose and slowly following him from behind.

“Get a move on!” Yuan Che kicked the mat away from the ground and scolded angrily.

“Oh (1).” Fang Ru held his bolster and stood opposite Yuan Che.

Yuan Che took off his suit and threw it to the ground, raising his foot to kick Fang Ru.

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Fang Ru feebly dodge the attack from Yuan Che with his stagger body. He had yet to stood firm when a fist was directed to his face for another punch. Fang Ru raised his bolster to block him from the punch and was beaten back a few steps across the bolster. Yuan Che then bent his body to punched him in the abdomen. Just as Fang Ru failed to his knees on the ground, Yuan Che, however, was yet to restraint his poster therefore his bent knee ruthlessly hit on his left face and knocked him down to the ground completely.

Yuan Che looked at that badly battered state of Fang Ru who couldn’t get up with a stun expression and he angrily said, “Didn’t you f**king said that you have been trained?”

Fang Ru coughed and stretched out his hand to touch his swollen face and winced in pain as he responded: “My dodging capability had indeed been trained.”

“Dodging Capability!” Yuan Che raised his voice in an unbelieving manner, “Are you f**king tired of living? You don’t even know how to fight and still dare to say you have been trained!”

Fang Ru was now sitting cross-legged on the floor, his pajamas were disheveled, and his eyes were squinting and his hair was drooping down. There was even bruise on his left face, making him looked very pathetic.

The more Yuan Che looked at this sight, the angrier he got, he yelled: “Get up and go to the living room to apply medicine!”

Fang Ru obediently stood up, patted the dust off his bolster, and casually followed behind him.

Yuan Che brought out the medical kit and sat down beside Fang Ru, and ordered him: “Look up.” Then he used the cotton swabs to apply the medicine on his wound. Though his hand was not light, at least he tried his best to restraint his strength.

“hiss (2)

“Serves you right.”

Fang Ru fell silent as he squinted his eyes to size up Yuan Che. Those pair of focus and obtrusive eyes seemed to carry a particular vitality which completely contrasted to his usual grave and stern countenance. Generally, he should have been an outgoing, enthusiastic, high-energy man. However, at the age of twenty-five, he made himself as a cold and violent robot that had its machine malfunctioning instead.

“Mr. Yuan, what happened to you today? ” Fang Ru asked softly.

“Is there any need for you to stick your nose in my business?” Yuan Che curtly rebuked him.

Fang Ru lowered his eyes, seemingly depressed.

Seeing him looked like this, Yuan Che felt somewhat uncomfortable.

“At the reception that I attended today, there was someone personally came and get intimate with me. It made me feel sick.” He unexpectedly uttered this out to him.

A smile flashed in Fang Ru’s eyes upon hearing how he was able to suppress his irascible mood with just a tiny amount of penitent. He then grabbed this opportunity to interact with him.

“Did the man do anything out of the line?”, asked Fang Ru.

“The look in his eyes was very disgusting, and he constantly touched my body.”

“In that case, then won’t I make you discomfort?”


“Don’t you notice that my hand is on your lap all along?”

Yuan Che was taken aback. He sharing down at Fang Ru’s hand that was casually place on his knee. It looked exceptionally slender and white against his dark trousers.

Fang Ru retracted his hand and said in a hypnotic voice, “Your body emphatically not repel other people’s touch, it simply just your psychological resistance. When you are in a crowded circumstance, does the first thing you think about is keeping a proper distance from people and must not staying too close to them?”

Yuan Che fell silent. He indeed had this kind of though at that time or rather he had always been watched his step like this.

“Because you have set your ‘thinking pattern’ from the outset therefore whenever someone “infringes” this rule of yours, you would likely feel uncomfortable and even to the extent that it triggers you.” Fang Ru stretched out his hand to pull down Yuan Che’s hand, and slowly took the tweezers from him, “But you aren’t felt disgusted with me at all, because I am excluded from that thinking pattern of yours which make you could have normal social contact with me.”

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Yuan Che firmly looked at him, then inadvertently asking: “You seem to be very experienced in this?”

“Of course.” Fang Ru expressed a confident look, and replied as he tidied up the stuff “Because I once had a similar condition just like you, it just that my manifestation was quite different.”

Yuan Che recalled the previous investigation data of Fang Ru as well as his childhood experience but it didn’t have any details record of what he had been through. He had no idea what had happened to him before.

“Then how did you overcome it?”, asked Yuan Che.

“Well, forcing myself to shake hands or hug with people every day.” Fang Ru tapped his forehead, “Ah, also, raised an ugly and dregs pet.”

“Why raised an ugly and dregs pet?”

“Because seeing its ugliness can vastly enhance my self-confidence.”

“……..How could you be so childish?”

Fang Ru shrugged his shoulders in a willy-nilly gesture.

Yuan Che continued to ask: “What kind of pet did you have?”

“Little Xiang Pig (3).”


Yuan Che laid down on the bed, pondering about all the things that had happened today. There was all sort of scene flashing by one by one and ultimately, the image of those pair of clear as glass eyes that belong to Fang Ru was imprinted on his mind. Actually, Fang Ru got one point wrong with what he said just now. The reason why he didn’t felt antipathy toward him was not just only that he was excluded from his “thinking pattern”, but also because he recognized the intimacy from him. Fang Ru was different from any other part-time maidservants. He truly and sincerely in taking care of him whether it was his food or his everyday life was all prepared with meticulous care. This was the first time that Yuan Che had precisely understood this point.

On the other side, Fang Ru was writing the record on the computer.

Yuan Che’s symptoms were not caused by Neurological Disorder, but rather the Psychological Reflection. The former required long-term medication to suppressed it and it couldn’t be cured entirely but the latter could be regulated. In essence, his condition was emphatically not severe however he must find the initial source of his emotional outbursts. But Yuan Che had a strong awareness of self-defense, so it needed to gradually gain his trust to find out about his past bit by bit. And since the data hadn’t mentioned about any unusual incident that Yuan Che had experienced, thus Fang Ru was unable to make the diagnosis over his state at this moment.

“hiss, it’s worth the sacrifice.” Fang Ru stretched his hand to touch his cheek as well as his aching abdomen and muttered in a low voice.

The next morning, Fang Ru was changing into his jogging shoes, preparing for his morning run. Just as he got up, he was hugged tightly from behind, then came a low husky voice sound into his ear: “Good Morning.”

Fang Ru froze until the arms that embraced him retracted back.

“Mr. Yuan?”

Yuan Che had a serene expression on his face, he silently changed his shoes then heading out of the door first.

Fang Ru had a puzzled look on his face, as he did not understand why.

After that, Yuan Che would hug Fang Ru every morning and after he got home from work. Fang Ru soon realized that Yuan Che was trying to verify what he had said before —— shaking hands or hugging people every day.

After figured it out, Fang Ru gladly cooperated with him. Anyway, in foreign countries, hugging was a common etiquette, whether family or friends usually hug when they meet.

That day, Yuan Che looked at the time after he had finished dealing with his work. Seeing that it was only three o’clock in the afternoon, he pondered over this for a slight moment before decided to go home early.

When his secretary was informed that he would leave early, the unbelievable look was revealed on her face.

Back home, however, Yuan Che did not see Fang Ru amidst the silent house.

He frowned as he went into his room to get change. Then, he went to pour a glass of red wine and sat in the living room to watch the TV by himself. After waiting for half an hour, he gradually became impatient and grabbed his phone to dial out: “Fang Ru, where are you?”

“Mr. Yuan? You’re calling me at this time, Is there something the matter?”

“Where are you?” Yuan Che asked again.

“Oh, I am at my former rental apartment.”

“Didn’t you move in to live together with me? What are you still doing in that apartment? “

“I have bought a piano and kept it in my apartment since then. I come back here to practice it during my spare time every afternoon.”

“You go there every afternoon?” Yuan Che had practically regarded Fang Ru as his private property, and his scope of activities could only be within his side yet he didn’t expect him to have his own life outside the moment he wasn’t around.

Thinking up to this, Yuan Che immediately felt somewhat displeased.

“En(4), that’s right.” Then Fang Ru hesitantly asked, “Mr. Yuan, I should not have violated the contract just by this ba?”

Yuan Che was silent for a moment, then said, “Get your piano moved over here. From now on, if you want to practice, then you can do it at home. You needn’t have to go to that apartment anymore.”

“This…..Isn’t it inappropriate ba?”

“It’s decided. I’ll give you 3 hours. Get this done without delay.”


This novel is translated by BLs’ Feed. Please support the translator and read this from

Three hours later, a black piano was placed in the room next to the living room in Yuan Che’s house. This room was originally used for having the afternoon tea. At the side, there was a French window which filled the room with sufficient light, and the scenic spot in the neighborhood could be seen just by looking out from the window.

“Thank you, Mr. Yuan.” Fang Ru stood beside the piano, one hand gently put on the piano’s cover, and said with a smile in his eyes. Though he dressed in such plain and simple clothing, it gave people a kind of elegant and noble temperament.

Yuan Che fixed his eyes on this sight for a moment. Suddenly, he said: “Tomorrow is weekend, let’s go somewhere with me.”

“En? To where?”

Yuan Che didn’t respond. He then turned around and left.

It was not until the next day that Fang Ru realized that Yuan Che took him out to buy clothes.

There were such benefits of being a personal assistant? Fang Ru muttered in a low voice.

“Go and try this on.” Yuan Che rapidly chose four to five sets of clothing for him to try.

Fang Ru hesitated for a moment but still took the clothes and went into the fitting room at the end.

Yuan Che sat on the sofa, waiting for him to come out. Just then, James led a handsome young man in.

“Ah (5), Lionel (Yuan Che’s English name), I didn’t expect to see you here.” James walked forward and stretched his arms to hug him.

Yuan Che’s body had turned rigid. He quickly tried to picture Fang Ru’s appearance in his mind, and he reluctantly returned back a hug.

However, James didn’t notice his stiffness. He took his hand to hold and said enthusiastically, “Why did you just leave without saying a word on the day of the reception? I was yet to invite you for a drink back then.”

“Sorry, I was feeling unwell.”

“Oh? How are you doing now? Are you feeling okay? “

“I am all right now. Thank you for your concern.”

“That’s good then! Here, Let me introduce you to my friend, Bi Luo.” James pointed to the youth beside him.

“Hello, Chief Yuan. I’ve heard a lot about you.” Bi Luo offered his hand as he said.

Yuan Che stretched his hand to shake hands with him.

“This is such a rare encounter. How about we go to the club to relax later?” James suggested.

According to Yuan Che’s character, he would willingly accept this invitation so as to made their cooperation went smoothly, but now he…..

While he was in hesitation, the fitting room’s door was pushed opened and Fang Ru slowly walked out.

Hearing the door open, Yuan Che cast his gaze to look over, but then he instantly fixed his eyes on the sight. Fang Ru wore a black vertical striped shirt with a white casual jacket on top. He wore a long black pants, outlining his straight and graceful line in those slim-fit design.

Fang Ru’s figure proportion was very standard. He had a dedicate-built but not weak body. His legs were long and slender and his steps were stable and steady, appearing very elegance but somewhat gave off a sexy demeanor. It made people unable to move their eyes once they saw him.


  1. 哦: oh, ah- interjection indicating that one has just learned something.
  2. Hiss- Similar to Sssh, just a sharp sibilant sound as of the letter s.
  3. Little Xiang Pig: Click to see Image (In order to avoid copyright, I won’t put the picture here. Please click to see it haha.)
  4. 嗯- En: nonverbal grunt as interjection. Example: OK, yeah; what?
  5. 哦: oh- interjection indicating doubt or surprise)/ Same word but the meaning is depend on the situation. I put ‘Ah’ here to indicate the ‘surprise’ situation.

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