Chapter 6 – The End

After work, the two were sitting face to face to have dinner together. Lin XiaoEr felt deeply aggrieved and he constantly gave Xu Yuan a glance of despising which was the exact opposite from his former shy and gentle image. However, Xu Yuan wasn’t offended, and instead, he rested his chin on his hand, beaming at Lin XiaoEr with a devoted gaze as if he was enchanted.

A moment later, Lin XiaoEr couldn’t stand this man’s gaze any more, so he said grumpily: “Don’t you eat? What are you looking at me for?”

“Good Looking”, replied Xu Yuan in an amused interest.

“……” Lin XiaoEr was helpless and could only bury himself in eating, venting his grieve, and resentment into his stomach. He originally planned to clear things out with Xu Yuan but found that he didn’t even have the nerve to look into Xu Yuan’s eyes. He immediately recalled something then a red flush spread from face to his neck as he opened his mouth to asked: “How did you know that… was my number?”

Xu Yuan pondered for a moment before saying, “I found it out right away when you spoke ——Also, your voice was very pleasing to the ear.”

“……” Lin XiaoEr held his forehead and was rendered speechless. He was so embarrassed that he wanted to find a pit to bury himself.

Fortunately, Xu Yuan didn’t continue to tease him anymore. And, nevertheless, to how uncomfortable Lin XiaoEr felt right now, he still ate and drink to his fill. He then straightened his back, he clenched his fists tightly under the table, and carefully said: “I also don’t know whether I am gay or not because I have never had a girlfriend before……”

Xu Yuan earnestly nodded with a stern face: “You are!”

“……” Lin XiaoEr really wanted to ask how he was so sure of it, but suddenly the scene when he was embraced in Xu Yuan’s bosom as he rubbed him down there at the company conjures up, burning his face red in a split-second. Seem like he couldn’t be convincing with it at all……

He murmured in a low, guilty voice, “But, I also like to see beauties back then…..”

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Xu Yuan wanted to laugh upon seeing his duplicitousness, hence he squinted his eyes slightly as he persuaded: “How about we test it? Let’s just try and make it clear. If you indeed are straight, we can just be friends from then on.”

“How to test it?”, Lin XiaoEr raises his head in curiosity. In fact, this matter was really bothering him. He was the only child in his family, and they had always pampered and spoiled him since he was young. If he was indeed bent, wouldn’t his old Lin family is going to be extinct thereafter? He felt that he has to make a prudent decision about this matter.


The moment when Xu Yuan hugged his waist, Lin XiaoEr’s whole body stiffened with tension. Xu Yuan patted his vest to comfort him, and cooed: “This is just to help you to confirm your state, don’t be scared.”

His voice was particularly tender, but with this devilish charm tone, it could easily lure him in to be his livestock without any need to use any spell at all.

Linn XiaoEr stressed with a flushed face: “Don’t talk like this…. You’d better not saying anything, or otherwise, you will tempt me with your voice.”

“…….Okay.” Xu Yuan flashed a smile, then nibbled on Lin XiaoEr’s white earlobe.

Lin XiaoEr’s breathing became more rapid, shivering and tremblingly said: “I’m ticklish. This place cannot be used to confirm……”

“…..Okay”, said Xu Yuan as he releases his nip from Lin XiaoEr’s earlobe and switched to his lip. He particularly really like to kiss Lin XioaEr’s lip. Lin XiaoEr had a flawlessly fair complexion, and not only did he had a rosy color lip, but his lip was also extremely moist and soft.

Lin XiaoEr eventually felt very lightheaded from the kiss and he could barely stand.

Xu Yuan said in a grim satisfaction: “You aren’t felt disgusted.”

Lin XiaoEr turned his head aside with a guilty heart and said, “You’ve been kissing me several times so I am already used to it.”

“…… Well, let’s try something else then.” Xu Yuan’s eyes darkened, and his hand slipped into Lin Xiaoer’s clothes. He likes Lin Xiaoer’s waist, which is thin but flexible. It feels better to touch than he thought.

Lin XiaoEr’s entire body was heating up from his touch. He quickly grasped Xu Yuan’s hands and said, “The waist is also ticklish. It couldn’t use to confirm neither…”

“…… Alright. ” Xu Yuan turned to Lin XiaoEr’s legs. He didn’t know how many times he had stealthily peeked at this straight and slender legs. He quickly took off Lin XiaoEr’s belt and vaguely touched from his calf up and ran his finger lightly up to his thigh.

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“Nor there…”

“It won’t work there either…”

About ten minutes later, Lin XiaoEr was stripped naked and was touching all over by Xu Yuan…

About thirty minutes later, Lin XiaoEr, who was gasping for breath, was forced to manually serve the humanoid in disguise Director Xu……

About an hour later, Lin XiaoEr’s hand was almost turned numb yet still serving……

His face flushed and his heart fluttered as he looked at Xu Yuan who was gasping with his eyes closed in front of him. There was only one thought in his heart: the Gong sounds from H series he had listening before were swirling around him like a floating cloud………Xu Yuan, this soulless creature, was still using his voice to seduce him in the end………

He simply wanted to listen to Xu Yuan’s voice at this moment, so he definitely not a gay…..

——-The End——–

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  1. This MC brat needs spanking. mL just deceive this in denial for the rest of this life hahaah

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