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Extra Chapter One:

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Lin XiaoEr liked to lie on the orange wooden floor of the balcony. In the meantime, the warm sunshine passed through the wide French windows, and the curtain was blowing in the breeze, bringing the drifting scene of gardenia. And no doubt, another thing that he liked the most at this moment was Xu Yuan, who was reading for him.

At first, it was a fairy tale book. Xu Yuan softly reading ” The Little Mermaid” to Lin XiaoEr who was leaning beside him, and he soon fell asleep. By this time, Xu Yuan would close the book with a smile and gently rubbed Lin XiaoEr’s soft forelock.

Soon after, Lin XiaoEr began to ask Xu Yuan to read him love stories, which are the kind of emotional short stories in magazines. Lin XiaoEr was often got distracted, and Xu Yuan would seize this chance to kiss Lin XiaoEr’s nose and lips. Like all the people in love, they two were kissing gently at the balcony, enjoying the feeling of being in love.

Later, the book that Lin XiaoEr asked Xu Yuan to read for him was getting weirder. He also did not know where Lin XiaoEr found this kind of book which had neither head nor tail for printing. Not only that but Lin XiaoEr even corrected and adjust the way he read the role in a stern face: “Your tone has to be like…….more devilish(1), make it to be a little more deep and husky tone. It has to have the variant of the world domineering tyrant kind of feeling…….”

Xu Yuan was dumbfounded, then he lowered his voice and repeated: “If you die, I will make the whole world burry with you…..I won’t let go of you, I need you to accompany me even when I die…..”

His voice was very calm, but there were a faint coldness and ruthlessness penetrate through and submerge in his bone marrow. Lin XiaoEr’s chest was shuddered and got goosebumps all over. He could not help biting his lips as he revealed an amazed expression: “That’s the feeling! Xu Yuan, I love you to death!”

Xu Yuan threw away his script and pressed Lin XiaoEr down, squinting his eyes: ” If you love me, let me do it….”

Lin XiaoEr hurriedly pushed in a panic: “It’s still daytime……also, the window is still wide open…. “

“Fear not, there are curtains.” Xu Yuan’s eyes were particularly enchanting under the sunshine. With the smile on his face, making Lin XioaEr who caught sight of this scene was struck dumb in an instant, and was gotten push down in the end.

Tossing and turning……again and over again……..Lin XiaoEr’s voice soon was hoarse.

At the end of the day, Lin XiaoEr rubbed his aching waist and threw the foolscap sheet of papers into the rubbish bin. Then he furtively kicked the Pen Recorder, making it roll aside into the corner—— In order not to harm his own self, it’s better to revert back into that pure fairy tale book from now on……..


Extra Chapter Two:

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Unconsciously, they have already been together for half a year, and Xu Yuan also had a thorough understanding of his cohabitant’s personality and hobbies.

The best methods for him to soften up the other party was listed as following——

One、 Talk to Lin XiaoEr.

Two、 Sing to Lin XiaoEr.

Three、 Embracing Lin XiaoEr and either say honeyed words or sing a love song to him…….

Every time the request was rejected, the third method was undoubtedly the most effective. Thinking that his voice could make Lin XiaoEr more emotional than a kiss or a hug, Manager Xu was somewhat felt a little jealous……..

Therefore, he couldn’t help asking in a melancholy mood one night, “Do you prefer me or my voice more?”

Lin XiaoEr inadvertently turned over and shrunk into his bosom and said, “Of course, it’s the voice. Do you still need to ask?”

“……” Xu Yuan was extremely depressed. He snuggled close to Lin XiaoEr’s and said in his ear, “You love my voice more than you love me…..”

Lin XiaoEr said drowsily: ” What nonsense is this? Isn’t your voice part of you though? “

“……” Xu Yuan resistantly asked, “Then, what should I do if one day you find someone who’s voice is better than me?”

Lin XiaoEr kicked him with his eyes still closed and muttering: “Those who have a better voice than you are certainly not having a handsome figure as you do….”

“……” Xu Yuan still wanted to ask, “And what if their figures are also better than mine?”

Lin XiaoEr was driven beyond endurance, he pinched Xu Yuan’s waist: “Laozi is a very traditional man! If you don’t turn your back on me, I will definitely not wrong you! If you fail me, I will castrate you!”

“……” Xu Yuan then went to bed contentedly.


Extra Chapter Three:

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Later, Xu Yuan also became interested in audio drama. He animatedly dragged Lin XiaoEr to record: “Wasn’t my voice is a good match to dub the H series?” Lin XiaoEr immediately refused, but on second thought, this was his dream Gong’s voice aah….and this would terrifyingly blow up the Chinese’s Internet .…. His whole body was boiling with excitement, and he shyly agreed to this.

The lines were written by Lin XiaoEr, and Xu Yuan laughed as soon as he saw it: “How could there be so much superfluous words during the intercourse?”

Lin XiaoEr was still preparing the headset as he glimpsed at him from where he sat and explained: “You are in charge of this, properly mull over your emotion.”

At the beginning of the recording, Xu Yuan’s performance was not bad, but Lin XiaoEr couldn’t stop blushing as he came through another little Shou’s ” Uh-huh – Mm-hmm” lines. He was embarrassed to open his mouth.

Xu Yuan revealed a filthy smile: “Pardon me? That’s what you normally shout. “

“I didn’t!” Lin XiaoEr quickly denied.

Xu Yuan grinned then kindly proposed: “How about let me help you to mull over your emotion? Take it easy, No one can hear it anyway.”

As the result of this so-called mulled over, Lin XiaoEr held the table to support himself as he was pressed down at once, and the live version was recorded.

Xu Yuan hugged Lin XiaoEr and played the recording triumphantly: “Hear it now? You truly did shout like….”

“…… Delete it! ” Hearing the sound echoed in the stereo, Lin XiaoEr almost vomited blood in fury.

Xu Yuan quickly obstructed, and sent him a wink: “When I’m on a business trip, I’ll listen to it and use it to □□(2).”

“…….You are indeed a beast.”

The author has something to say:

It’s finally over. I’m so happy ~\(≧▽≦)/~ This precisely just a novice article. I hope you had a good time reading this. (T/N: The authors wrote more here but it unrelated so I decided not to translate it HAHA, I am quite savage and I know it lol)


  1. 鬼畜 [guǐ chù]: Ghost+beast. (Slang) To inflict suffering. Originally an ACG term, this neologism often refers to a video editing technique that pieces together dialogue and background music for humorous value. Some sounds are looped at a high speed, which might cause discomfort. Source
  2. It originally wrote like this in the original context.

Ashy Xue:

  • I refused to give any opinion over this cunning Xu Yuan lol.
  • YESSSS! Finally completed this series. Now, I am going to put all of my sweat and tear in Boss, Please don’t be a manic. I would recommend this novel to those who like to read a heartwarming type of plot (with a dark past of both ML and MC that will hurt your tear glands). A heartfelt journey between a manic Gong and a black belly Shou. (SHAMELESSLY PROMOTE LOL)
  • And, thank you for being patient with my snail speed translation HAHA. Until next time~

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