Tone Seduction

[TS] Chapter 1

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Lin Xiao Er was a man who was fascinated by humans’ tone. He was extremely appealing to tone, most importantly, the males’ tone.

There were numerous rhythms of human tone in this wide world, yet the tone that could make him rapturous as a fool in love scarcely exists in this world. That was to say, he had yet to found that tone.

As a teenager, he preferred the clean and clear voice that gives off the refreshing tone. But, once he reached the ages of twenty-four, he obsessed with the charming, elegant, and magnetic voice instead. He always laid down with his eyes close and listen to the audio drama on his phone repeatedly, mostly Japanese audio drama and his fav’s voice actor was Ken Narita*(1), and Takehito Koyasu.*(2)

Mainly, most of the audio drama was about boylove series, so……….Lin XiaoEr evitably became rotten.

Regardless of the language barrier that kept him from understanding the meaning of the Japanese drama, however, he always blushed and his heart trembling simply by listening to it. Every night, listening to the teenager boy softly crying in a clear voice yelling ”Yada*……” then was suppressed by the magnetic and charismatic and dulcet, softly whisper to comfort the lad, made the introvert man Lin XiaoEr rolled into the ball shrinking into his quilt as he tossing and turning, feeling so embarrassed. 

(T/N: Yada’やだ’ is a Japanese word meaning I don’t want to or nope)

Gradually, he began to listen to the domestic audio drama and even searched for those well-known CVs on the internet, check them out one by one. But, even if he had cames across a few voices that he liked, still, none of them could make his heart flutter. Besides, listening to the Mandarin like this made him could discern the meaning and easily get hit by those lines and it blasting him like an electric shock. There were even the thunderous and thrilling lines that made his tiger-like body startle, inevitably to calm it down for so long. 

The more he listened to it, the more Lin XiaoEr couldn’t help slumping into deep dejection emotion….why hadn’t he had someone with this magnetic and full of charismatic voice by his side? 

One morning, Lin XiaoEr with his eyes still closed, brushing his teeth in front of the mirror. Suddenly, he became aware of his recent condition which exactly seemed like he was in love…… A grown-up man, listening to the male’s voice every single day……Heyyyy! He was not bent!

As to put an end to his bent confusion state, he decided to delete all of the audio drama on his phone, p4, and his computer, as well as those theme song and all of his collection, was thrown into the permanently deleted list. 

But, he felt a little gloomy after he had done that. 


So, as to chucked in his years of hobby, Lin XiaoEr began to think of every possible activity to do to divert his interest. He’s madly beginning to climbing, running, and swimming. Hence, the thin figure which he had been residing for years finally carved in some muscle on it which made him appeared to be more handsome. 

One day, while he was swimming, he’s accosted with beauty for the first time. Lin XiaoEr held onto the phone number note which handed to him by that beautiful lady. 

Once he returned home, Lin XiaoEe felt loathing for a while then shyly dialed out the number, talking to himself…He shouldn’t let the beauty wait for too long, right? 

The phone’s ringing in a few seconds after he dialed, Lin XiaoEr who had never been in a relationship before was very nervous. He’s on the line as he was breathlessly waiting for the answer, just then the male’s voice resounded from the microphone “Hello, May I ask who is calling?”

Lin XiaoEr abruptly felt the thunderstorm in his body, badly manage to hold onto his phone. 

The reason for his stocked reaction was not because the beauty’s voice turns into a male’s voice, it was just because this voice unexpectedly sounded so extremely nice! 

It felt like…the voice through the phone’s microphone had come from such a long line as if it had passed through centuries. That mellow and magnetic, sweet, and rich which gave off an elegant vibe, it was exceedingly satisfied than his favor( his fav tone of voice) it even went beyond his imagination. This voice was undoubtedly smashed directly through Lin XiaoEr’s little heart. 

This voice was exactly what he had been waiting for!

Lin Xiaoer’s blood was boiling, his head was dull, his heart was beating, and his mouth was dry. He’s huffing and puffing while listening to the other person inquired about him for a few times with his dulcet voice. Lin XiaoEr felt so excited and did not know what he should reply him.

After a moment, he replied in a stuttering voice, “So…Sorry…I dialed….the…wrong….wrong…number”

There was staccato and brassy sound of disconnection that resonated from the phone. 

And, Lin XiaoEr was completely left dumbfound.


Lin XiaoEr bitterly shared at the piece of paper note…..because of his wet hand that day, number 1 was smudged into number 7 which caused him to dial the wrong number, but now, he had no intention to call to that beauty anymore. That voice constantly stuck in his ears ‘Hello, May I ask who is calling?’…..‘Hello, May I ask who is calling?’……………

Just like the malfunctioning computer, it’s kept restarting and shutting down….restarting then shutting down, and other typical thoughts could not be functioning at all.

Lin XiaoEr hugged his Spongebob pillow, shrinking into his quilt, and constantly biting his Spongebob’s head as he failed into a deep though……this exactly was the most decent voice he had ever heard!!! Even if all those charismatic voices that he had ever admired before add up and combining, it still could not be compared with this tone!!

Imagine this voice to sing or read to him…..with this though, Lin XiaoEr then tossing and turning. Only just by thinking make him thaw like a jelly that made him unable to sleep. 

………..How nice would it be to listen to this voice before sleep every day……..

Suddenly, an idea came into his mind. He conclusively couldn’t forbear this intense yearning and longing of him anymore. He wheedling to himself ‘just once more time, just only hearken on this voice once more’…….

After comforting himself, he then tried to catch his breath for quite some time and redialed that number. 

Shortly, The call was connected but this time it’s ringing for a while before the other party picked up the call. Lin XiaoEr tightly clutched the phone, fearing that the other party would hang up, he hastily said “Mister, So…Sorry, I dialed the wrong number just a moment ago”

The other party calmly replied: “Really?”

Though with just this simple word, it struck right into Lin XiaoEr’s heart. He’s dim-witted nod his head before realized that the other party could not see his action so he rapidly replied in an enthusiastic tone: “Yes! I precisely call to apologize.” (At least he could use apologize as an excuse for this nonsense call, couldn’t he?) 

“…………” The other party paused for a while, then responded with a usual mellow tone: “Oh, it’s okay.”

“ drip….drip..” And once again, Lin XiaoEr heard the familiar disconnected sound resonated into his ear again, likewise, he was left dumbfounded. 

Only six words in total, this time? Summing up the other two words from last phone call yet the total was just eight words only!!! *(3)

Lin XiaoEr furiously hurling his Spongebob pillow back and forth in the air, he felt his heart thumping inside his chest. 

It would have been nice if it was sixteen words ah…..Lin XiaoEr closed his eyes and pondered over that person’s decent voice and soon fell asleep in an irritation mood. 


Regardless of his family prosperity, and no matter how he was hooked on that dulcet voice, Lin XiaoEr still got up early and went to work just like an ordinary person. 

He was an accountant in a small yet remarkably successful private enterprise owned by his father and friends. Though his works were quite hard, the benefits were reasonably good. Plus, the other colleagues in this Financial Department were also much older than him therefore, he, who looked like a humble person, was well-taken care.

Today, the Human Resources Department had announced the change of Director, the new director was the son of his father’s friend, who just returned from abroad after his graduation there and he was in charge of the Financial Department. Lin XiaoEr was disinterested and paid no mind to this matter, even so, he still acted with caution since that person after all was his new boss. 

During the meeting, the new director had made Lin XiaoEr went completely dof when he opened his mouth to speak. To be exact, Lin XiaoEr was directly turned stunned the moment he heard his new director’s voice. His heart-thumping inside his chest……Woooo, Wooo, Wooo, this…this was the voice on the phone last night!!!!

Even though it was slightly different compared to the voice last night, but Lin XiaoEr ears still quivered twice and nod in a modest manner seemingly confirming that…. it was him! It’s precisely that unique voice that he savoring for! At this moment, if he wasn’t at work, he would have closed his eyes to savor this sound without delay. 

He put his hand on the meeting table, and he felt his cheeks burning. That new and young director’s name was Xu Yuan. He had a speech that was like gold, elegant and magnetic but still retaining the decent and dulcet tone as on the phone. Lin XiaoEr eagerly hearkened on this and finally decided to get a new recording pen after work. 

After the meeting ended, the young female colleagues were still heatedly discussing over their new director’s handsome face and outstanding appearance. Lin XiaoEr’s mind was still in an astonishing state as the new directors’ voice keeps echoing in his ears. He’s unconsciously walking forward, not noticing the man in the corner hence he hardly bumped into him. 

“I’m sorry…..” He covered his sore nose and habitually apologize to the other person but he was stunned in the next second when he caught the glimpse of that person, the owner of that face is Xu Yuan! 

Xu Yuan halt and merely responded: “It doesn’t matter.”

Watching Xu Yuan walking away after he talked, Lin XiaoEr was still trembling at the same spot (screaming internally mode on)…..Wooo!Wooo!Wooo! Even his mild voice sounded so~so pleasant to hear!!! 

Besides, he could even feel the warm breath coming from that tender voice by listening to this in such a close distance…….

Indeed, He must have carried a Voice Recorder with him from now on! He’s clenching his fist and earnestly vowed to himself. 

Translator’s Note: 

  • This is the first project for me haha so if you spot any errors, please let me know by leaving a comment below. 
  • I hope you enjoy this short story, happy reading! 


1. Ken Narita is a Japanese actor, voice actor, and narrator. His real name is Tsutomu Narita. He is currently a freelancer. He played Sesshomaru in InuYasha, Bright Noa in Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, and Saitō Hajime in Rurouni Kenshin.

2. Takehito Koyasu is a Japanese voice actor, narrator, and singer. Koyasu is known for his deep, smooth voice, which often lands him in roles that are either villains or lonely bishōnen.

3. In the original context, at the first call, Xu Yuan said “你好,请问你是?” and for the second phone called all he said is “是吗?” and “哦,没关系。”

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  1. Hahaha omg my fav Japanese seiyuu is Miyano Mamoru and Okiayu Ryuutarou. Voice kink Mc is nice. Kinda reminds me of Guide to fail at online dating. Looking forward to reading the next chapter

  2. I have a thing for japanese seiyuus… But Lin XiaoEr takes it to another level!!!! HAHAHA.

    It’d be really difficult for him to approach this cold boss… I’m really looking forward to see his strategy, hehe.

    Thanks for your translation!!

    1. Aahaha, it turned out to be a plot twist instead (spoiler alertttt (▔▽▔))
      Anyway, I am glad you enjoy this! <3

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