Tone Seduction

[TS] Chapter 2 Ah this world is so beautiful.

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However, reality, as usual, beats fiction out of sight. (1) Lin XiaoEr carried his newly bought Pen Recorder that cost him a thousand of silver yuan(2) (T/N: approximately 300,000RMB) in dismay as he couldn’t obtain any chance to make it come in handy. The new director appeared to be extremely reticent, he only nodded with a faint smile when encountered with other, what even worse was his sound insulation office, it was so good that Lin XiaoEr could hear nothing out from it.

The more he couldn’t able to hear, the worse yearning he felt. Lin XiaoEr’s heart seemed to has been scratch by countless cat claws, as his heart was tickled in unbearable pain.

The moment Xu Yuan walked out of his office, Lin XiaoEr’s ears shoot up like a bunny’s ears, as he desperately trying to catch Xu Yuan’s words that scattered into the air as he spoke.

The always quiet and modest person Lin XiaoEr, even risk it all.

Whenever he saw Xu Yuan, he would take the initiative to spouted out the greeting, simply just to get a faint smile in return.

Even more severely, he unhesitatingly went to the restroom along with Xu Yuan several times. Every time, he would eagerly await Xu Yuan’s phone call to his team leader so he could rush to the next door room to record Xu Yuan’s voice.

However, All were fruitless at the end of the day.

Maybe God just wanted to torture him by having him met this melodious voice……Lin XiaoEr helplessly cried without tears. He shook his head in dejection.

….This was the first time he had looked forward to the monthly staff meeting.

When he returned home from work, he always held onto the phone number note, intently staring at it over and over again every night…….In fact, he could even easily recite those numbers even without looking at it.

Just liked a drug addiction who tried to resist their temptations, he struggled to suppress his intense silly desired to call ……..he couldn’t lessen himself to be a pervert like that at all! (T/N: You’ve already been one right from the start, XiaoEr ㄟ( ̄▽ ̄ㄟ))

For the first time in his life that he had craved so badly just to hear that voice, he rolled around ceaselessly and felt so restless, still, he couldn’t sleep at all!

Lin XiaoEr rolled over on the bed, hugging the pillow in his arms as he tossing and turning restlessly then raised up with visible dark circles around his eyes. He approached his computer and re-downloaded all of his past lemans….but, unfortunately, none of those could replace that voice which had been buried deep into his heart.


Two days later, Lin XiaoEr almost jumped up in excitement after received an announcement…..His department was going to host a team gathering dinner tonight and would continue to KTV after that.

Ahhhh Ahh Ahhh! (T/N: I can’t stand this psycho -,-) Surely, God wouldn’t forsake human being! After he learned of the announcement, his every move seemed to be floating. He stared affectionately at his Company’s label with misty eyes, his heart showered with heartfelt delight. ‘Such a warm-hearted company, if I am sentenced to death here, or even being laboring like a bull and functioning like a horse for my whole life, yet I am still willing in contented!‘ Lin XiaoEr weened quietly.

During the evening feast, Xu Yuan was very well disposing, and a smile can be easily seen on his face. Although he barely talked, he still spoke a few words to everyone, politely speaking in his decent voice. Lin XiaoEr listened gluttonously with his ears went straight up, he peered at his female colleagues who squeezed on both of Xu Yuan’ side and helplessly gazed at the distance between him and Xu Yuan which was at least five people distant with a heavy heart.

Besides, Lin XiaoEr was a big klutzy type, every time he heard the topic that made him want to join in the fun, however, before he could make out a sentence, those female colleagues of him had chirped(3) that topic over. He felt desperately unhappy. He then turned to toss the glass with Uncle Zhao, the department’s oldest member with the resentment and loathing filled in his eyes.

After dinner, it was a prompt time to sing. Lin XiaoEr’s eyes sparkling, and it filled with life again. Since he had drunk quite a lot during the feast, a slightly flushed appeared on his cheek and his eyes appeared somewhat fuddled. He looked at Xu Yuan’s direction as he foolishly beaming. Just as when Lin XiaoEr was in such a happy mood, the other party gazed suddenly fell on him. Unable to hide his expression, he then nodded awkwardly to him. Seeing this, Xu Yuan just smiled at him before turned his gaze back to the other place. Lin XiaoEr felt relieved at last.

Singing hour arrived, everyone eagerly pausing the new director to opening up the stage,

Xu Yuan grinned as he held onto the microphone, made all the ladies that presented heartbeat jumped rapidly. Lin XiaoEr hurriedly turned on his voice recorder pen in secret, impatiently waiting for Xu Yuan to open his mouth with eyes wide open. At that moment, Xu Yuan’s voice gently resounds from the microphone. It sounded like a sweet whisper, saying “ I may sing out of tones, I hope you guys don’t mind as I will sing only a song.”

Everyone laughed and said that they wouldn’t mind. Lin XiaoEr couldn’t help but opened his mouth to urge him “Director, let just Sing, I also sing out of tones.” Because of his jim-jams, his voice unavoidably grew loud and it was even louder when other voices from others fell. He looked at the director with a smile in his eyes with his face burned hot face.

Xu Yuan chose ’Long time no see’ by Chen Yixun to sing. When Lin XiaoEr heard the voice resound from the microphone, his hands trembling, and his heart was beating like a running horse. He felt that the world and everything surround was so beautiful.

(T/N: In case you want to listen to this song, it sound so nice haha )

Though Xu Yuan sang in tones for some part, his voice echoed from the microphone was quite monotonous throughout the song, and it didn’t change much. However, his voice still sounded remarkably elegant and gorgeous. And just as that magnetic and alluring voice sounded in his ears, Lin XiaoEr almost went crazy. At the moment when the song came to the end, everyone applauded ceaselessly but Lin XiaoEr was still shivering from head to toe, his back chilled like it was shocked in a heavy electric stock, trembling all over.

When he backed to his sense, he suddenly realized that he had burst into silent tears.


Afraid that everyone would notice, Lin XiaoEr hastily stood up and went to the restroom. Fortunately, he sat at the corner where people seem to not pay any attention to this place at all.

The so-called after tone (4), must be this kind feeling….. Lin XiaoEr splashed water on his face, in a daze, he watched his peaky reflection in the mirror, Director’s tone still reverberates in his ears, the tone that deeply stroked his heart. That voice was sung in a longing and low tone, but he had no idea why he couldn’t stop himself from the urge to cry. He didn’t even know whether he was delighted or moved by that tone.

He waited until he could stable his mood then went back to the room. At this moment, few people had already sung upon their turn. As when Sister Cheng from the same department saw Lin XiaoEr pushed the door and walked in, she grinned as she said ”XiaoEr, come and choose a song.”

Lin XiaoEr was taken aback and quickly denied “My singing is so terrible, you guys can sing.” To have him sang in his unpleasant voice in front of such a nice voice people, he would undoubtedly felt ashamed.

Those female senior colleagues began to laugh and coaxed him until he was left with no choice but to chose a song and sang with his remorse heart. He thought he had made himself lose face in front of his crowdy team, who knew that in spite of being a laughingstock, those colleagues actually applauded, even Xu Yuan also smiled and said “It sounds pretty good.” His voice was low but he deeply spoke with the cognized in his tone. Amist the noisy and loud room, Lin XiaoEr could still catch his words.

Lin XiaoEr couldn’t help looking up at that man. Xu Yuan was sitting with his legs casually crossed on the sofa. There was a light smile on his thin lip, and there seemed to have a luminous spark appeared in those pair of dark eyes. Seeing this, Lin XiaoEr’s heart was blazing in thump-thump-thump momentum. He pretended to sit down calmly, but inside he somehow felt an inexplicably strange feeling…….F**k, He was influenced by his voice, not by his face! Not to mention that the other party was a man too!


Lin XiaoEr treated that voice memo as his treasurer. That night, he installed the audio application and learned to edited out the noise in the recorded audio. It took him almost a day(5) to finish it. He heartfeltly grinding from his mouth to his ear after finished it. He then copied the sound into his phone, placing his phone by his ear and replaying that audio again and over again until he fell asleep.

You thought that Lin XiaoEr would be satisfied just by this? EXACTLY NOT! As the popular saying ’human heart full of greed’, although he could listen to the song sang by Xu Yuan tirelessly, still, he yearned for more from him. Just as a loyal fan of an idol, he couldn’t be simply satisfied with just listening to the song, he also needed to see the concert, etc.

Lin XiaoEr had always carried his voice recoding pen with him all the time, with the earnest and dedicated enthusiasm roosted in his heart. He was ready to enter the battle area at all times. Just by imagining that, one day, his mobile ringtone would be ringing in Xu Yuan exclusive’s voice, it was enough to make Lin XiaoEr burst into heartfelt laughing. What made him more content was, after that company feast, Director Xu seemed to be more enthusiastic toward him than before. Every time Lin XiaoEr smiled and greeted him, he always nodded and replied with “Morning!”. Only God knew that with just this mere word could keep Lin XiaoEr felt joyous for almost half a day.

Nowadays, Lin XiaoEr’s favorite thing was to bring the work report to the Director’s office. Probably, because when they were alone in the office, Xu Yuan did not have a solemn face as before, instead, he always had a smile on his face. Lin XiaoEr talked a sentence and Xu Yuan would reply back with a sentence. Although the sentence was short, its content was concise. By listening to his voice in such a short distance, made Lin XiaoEr felt so contented. He even gave some money to the roadside beggars for three consecutive days. (T/N: This man mental is kinda serious 囧囧 )

There were more and more audios of Xu Yuan’s voice in his computer even though most of them were all about business talk. Recently, Lin XiaoEr’s no.1 hobby after returning home everyday was, being an editor and dubbing, choosing different background sound to mixed up with Xu Yuan’s voice, then listening to it on repeat with his headphone on.

The more he listened, the faster his heart beating. The mellow, and sexy voice echoed through his ears, it almost devoured him alive.

Authors has something to say:

I wrote it a hurried way. There a meeting this Monday, so busy ~~o(>_<)o ~~

Translator Note:

  • I am so sorry for taking so long for this chapter, I just lost some track of time reading another BL series (´∀` )
  • Really, Our XiaoEr action is kinda weird in such a perverted way lol.
  • I felt that our Director is also have Voice complex? Nah, just saying.
  • As I just finished translate this a minute ago and haven’t edited it yet. So, If you find any mistake, please leave your comment to let me know (*Kiss)
  • What do you think of this chapter? Let me know!

  1. The original context wrote 理想很丰满,现实很骨感 which translate as: The idea is rich, but the reality is penniless. I changed it with a familiar quote in English to make it less awkward.
  2. It quite confusing for me here since the authors wrote a thousand 大洋, according to Baidu, 1 大洋 equal 2 silver yuan and it roughly equivalent about 300,000RMB. Anyway, if you have any better translate, please let me know. (Bowed down in respect)
  3. Here, Lin XiaoEr said 叽叽喳喳 which translate as Jījichāchā, it meant chattering, chirping excitedly, to be exact, like a group of female bird lol, just my idea.
  4. The sentence is 所谓的余音绕梁 translate as the so called aftertone. I am so sorry, but I am not quite sure about this sentence….pardon me T^T I know It my fault as a noob translator.
  5. It doesn’t mean that he take a day time to do it, it just a mere comparison to quite a long time.

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