Tone Seduction

[TS] Chapter 3

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(This was Xu Yuan POV)

Every time I glimpsed back, that person* always eyeing on me……

(T/N: The author use Subordinate here but it sound weird to use this word so I changed it lol)

That was the only thought in Xu Yuan’s mind lately. He was the calm and rational person, but that sneaky and lekker fiery eyes often made his footsteps mixed up. However, that stare wasn’t annoyed him at all. In fact, he was very fond of that serene stupid little person. It couldn’t be said that he was narcissistic, even the times that both of them went to the restroom was also considered miraculously since they would always run into each other, even the synchronization rate shouldn’t be this high at all! Although when he was just randomly speaking, he was also aware of how much Lin XiaoEr paid close attention to him, by seeing his roused straight-up ears.

Xi Yuan took a sneaky glance at Lin XiaoEr perky butt while Lin XiaoEr was washing his hand in an earnest manner, making Lin XiaoEr inexplicably felt a sudden shivered run through his body.

With his mind crammed paired with his wide imagination, Xu Yuan covered his crimson nose with his hand as he sneezed to conceal it. Lin XiaoEr’s face turned pale all of sudden as he said worriedly: ”Director Xu, Maybe you had caught a cold? The weather is very arid recently, be careful not to get a fever. I have acetaminophen medicine, I will bring some to you later. ”

Seeing Lin XiaoEr with such an anxious looked, and those bright black eyes that clearly reflected his shadow, Xu Yuan’s heart couldn’t help but felt moved: “Alright.” Lin XiaoEr seemed to be stunned for a moment, then he shyly smiled. And some curves also appeared on Xu Yuan’s eyes.

When Lin XiaoEr carefully placed the medicine on the table corner, Xu Yuan who had eyes on the Computer, casually asked “ Is there any place that serves delicious cuisines with the pleasant environment around here? Can you introduce me?”

With an astonishment expression, Lin XiaoEr hastily revealed a heartfelt smile on his face. And he couldn’t suppress his rejoicing demeanor.

“Yes, Sure”

Xu Yuan’s heart was throbbing……This lad seemed to like him so much…….he couldn’t even conceal his feeling a jot…..

(End of Xu Yuan’s POV)


After accepted Xu Yuan’s request, Lin XiaoEr’s mind was completely in a daze, even his brain seemed to not functioning at the moment. He spent his whole afternoon thinking about where to go. However, as the utterly introverted person (T/N: Here he meant he is otaku), he most likely preferred to go home after getting off from work, reading manga, and playing various games. But, since he got a chance to listen to the live version voice (T/N: He meant he got a chance to eat out with Xu Yuan and could converse with Xu Yuan. Lol), he definitely had to invest his blood sweat and tear.

The rowdy place was exactly not going to work. He precisely still needed to hearken on him, so, such a place would indeed destroy his precious moment.

But after all, he was his boss, he naturally couldn’t take him to the place where he usually met up with his friend………Thinking up to this, he couldn’t help but sigh in dismay……if possible, he really wanted to take him to his house then let Xu Yuan read some book for him. Yet, this could just only be his fantasy……..

Lin XiaoEr still hadn’t thought of a place yet when he saw Xu Yuan walked pass him. Lin XiaoEr worried that he might have forgotten therefore he rushed over, and hesitantly asked ”Director Xu, Do you prefer Chinese food or Western food? Shall we go to have dinner together?”

After all, the two of them eventually went for Chinese food. They went for Chinese crab dumplings and the surrounding environment was also fine. Lin XiaoEr looked like he’s sleepwalking as he looked at his boss who standing beside him at hand close distance……Aahhh, finally came to his sense! It was just only two of them!


Xu Yuan, however, still a few words person as usual. He would chuckle sometime, but he would kinky gave Lin XiaoEr the tissues all the time. Lin XiaoEr felt so nervous and didn’t even know where he should properly put his hands. He was merely an introvert, and he could only talk with his close friend who shared the same interest and preference. Therefore, at this moment, he felt tense and his back went stiff as he sat just right across from Xu Yuan.

Xu Yuan instantly noticed Lin XiaoEr’s tension, he tried to talk about some light topics, intended to make other party felt relax. However, Lim XiaoEr became even more nuts, he obviously fixated at Xu Yuan, and he unblinkingly fixed his gaze at Xu Yuan’s moving lips, with his crimson cheeks. Noticing this, Xu Yuan couldn’t help but talk slower and slower.

When Lin Xiaoer noticed the strange look in Xu Yuan eyes, he then came back to his sense. He awkwardly bowed his head to bite a mouth full of the dumpling which abruptly causes his tongue to get burned. Xu Yuan quickly poured him a glasses of water and warmly said “Mr. Lin, Be Careful”

Lil XiaoEr’s vest shook, chill bumps appeared on his arms….This sound was too compelling Ah!Ah!Ah!


Gradually, Lin XiaoEr and Xu Yuan had gotten to know each other quite well. Lin XiaoEr wouldn’t feel anymore restless when they were alone. Plus, the way they called each other when they were together also changed due to Xu Yuan’s demanded. Since he was two years older than Lin XiaoEr, Lin XiaoEe then just called him by his name.

Lin XiaoEr also couldn’t just let Xu Yuan treated him to the meal, so both of them had taken the turn, and there was no more any courtesy between them afterward.

Unexpectedly, Xu Yuan didn’t disclose any petty bourgeoisie temperament, and he even ate from the food stall with Lin XiaoEr.

Lin XiaoEr looked at Xu Yuan, dressed in a high-quality suite as he sitting on the oily stool, grinning with his eight front teeth exposed.

Onetime while eating dumplings, Xu Yuan suddenly asked Lin XiaoEr to recommended some ringtones for him. He even reached out to get Lin XiaoEr’s mobile phone to see his playlists. Lin XiaoEr was so anxious that his soul was almost fly out of his body. He quickly snatched his phone into his hand, blushing as he said “No, I don’t have any good music on my phone.”

Xu Yuan’s chuckled in a profound manner. And, Lin XiaoEr who’ve got laughed at, bowed down his head to hide his expression. Sure enough, if Lin XiaoEr knew of what Xu Yuan had in his mind right now, he would possibly vomit blood and fought three battles with him.

What on Xu Yuan’s mind was, ‘he surely really like me, perhaps there were some sneak shots of mine in his phone……..’

Although they both were now familiar with each other, he was still his director after all. Moreover, he still had such a cold appearance and personality, as such, Lin XiaoEr also dared not to get too close to him.

However, there were once when Xu Yuan drove Lin XiaoEr home. Xu Yuan initially intended to go up and sit. (T/N: It’s normal for owner to invite their guest to go in their room and sit for some coffee or talk haha) Lin XiaoEr went mindless, rashly denied in distress ”My house is extremely chaotic…”

Xu Yuan didn’t insist, merely smiled and said: “Okay.”

After that moment, Lin XiaoEr felt that he rejected him too quickly. In fact, They were both men, and them two were friends. He also quite like Xu Yuan aside from his voice. With this thought, He quickly put away everything in his house including Anime and other things that might expose his hobby, then on the next day, he asked Xu Yuan to came over in an embarrassment expression.

It was on the weekend when Xu Yuan came and bring a batch of food, and there was even a bottle of red wine. He rolled up his sleeves and smiled and said he would show off his skill to cook French cuisine.

Lin XiaoEr wandered outside the kitchen and looked at Xu Yuan wearing the kitchen apron and his stunned gazes couldn’t move away from that sight.

If Xu Yuan had a girlfriend, she was precisely the happiest woman in the world.

As Lin Xiaoer’s mind was wildly speculated, his face flushed for the first time over Xu Yuan aside from when he spoke.


Xu Yuan’s craftsmanship was extremely decent, and Lin Xiaoer’s tongue couldn’t stop working. Xu Yuan was very elegant when he ate Western food. He looked just like a man with noble temperament.

After gulping the red wine, Lin Xiaoer’s face showed some rosiness, and his courage was much bigger than before. Inexplicably, his mouth burst out: “Many female colleagues in the company like to talk about you, Do you have someone you like?” It was not an exaggeration to say that when he and Xu Yuan went out together, the turn heads rate was so high.

Xu Yuan put down the knife and fork in his hand, jokingly smiled and said: “I don’t have any woman that I like.”

Lin XiaoEr felt bad yet rejoiced at the same time and murmured “Oh”, if Xu Yuan had a girlfriend, perhaps it was impossible for him to casually hear his voice like this.

After the meal, Lin Xiaoer promptly went to the kitchen to clean up. Xu Yuan did not join in, instead, he sat and waiting in the living room, as he secretly checked through Lin Xiaoer’s mobile phone that he had been thinking about doing it for a long time.

Clicking on the memory card, there was an obvious and suspicious folder called “Ahhh, my favorite!!!” Seeing this, he then clicked to open it with a smile, but his brows inevitably wrinkled hastily as it turned out to be all audios. Thinking of Lin Xiaoer’s frequent behavior which he had always put his headphone on, he then plugged in the headphones and causally opened a audio, and he was instantly stiffened.

The voice inside was familiar. Indeed, it belonged to him and the speech was the moment hen he spoke during the meeting at the company. The oddest thing was that the flat tone was fully accompanied by a background sound. It was mixed with the sad rhythm along with the sad flute that was very well matched along with it. It sounded so weird, making Xu Yuan pouted ”Puff”, and almost laughing out loud.

He pressed open the next audio in turn, his eyes widened and his smile became more and more obvious. Some audio was carefully edited and countless short sentences were put together. For example, the last sentence was “Good morning”, and followed by “let’s go to dinner together after get off work.”, on the next sentence. It extremely made no sense! The flute sound was not sound any better than just now, and some of the soundtracks almost made him speechless.

This time Xu Yuan was completely sure, Lin Xiaoer was falling in love with him! Xu Yuan put the phone back to its original position with a smile, and then paced to the kitchen direction.

Lin Xiaoer was still awkwardly washing the dishes, then suddenly he was hugged from behind, and a nice voice that made his body went numb, softly whispered closely to him: “You like me that much?”

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