Tone Seduction

[TS] Chapter 4 Part 2

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If one was to ask Director Xu about his mood now, that’s only dejected and miserable feeling plus the shame from disgrace can be described now. At that time, he was so contented and his heart was burst with joy from the kiss. With his eyes closed, his whole begin was reveling in that intimacy……….who would have thought that the aftermath would result in such this somersault turn. Thinking of this, his face flushed in shame in a split-second.

He never expected Lin XiaoEr to treat him so well, sincerely caring for him, even those pair of eyes were filled with love toward him, all just because of his voice that he had never pay attention to……..

As soon as he dragged himself out of Lin XiaoEr’s house, his steps became mess up. He just wants to find a quiet place to drink a bottle of wine to soothe his distressed self.

Thus, a certain someone can only swallow the bitterness into his stomach. Xu Yuan drove aimlessly along street after street, circuiting around the ring road.

He reached home at long last. He then went to open a bottle of white wine and gulped down a few mouthfuls. He felt that he has such very unfortunate luck. He ended up liking the straight guys every time, what a f**king shit of luck!(1)  It’s a never-ending circle between falling in love(2), lovelorn, yet falling in love again, still result in the same lovelorn. And this time was already the fifth time, the fifth time! But this time the reason that other party gave in rejection was not “I only treat you as a brother” but “I just only like your voice…..” 

Anyway, it is still has the word “Like” in it. This was also considered as an improvement at least ah……

Xu Yuan pulled off his tie with a wry smile and opened another bottle of wine.

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On the next day, he was late to work for the first time and he’s got a splitting headache. Of course, he was still remain calm on the surface as he nodded and bid others a hello. His body was wrapped up in a well fit tailored suit, giving off the air of an elite looks.

On the way, he met Lin XiaoEr, who was carrying a thick pile of documents. The other person’s eyes were still avoided his, and he seemed to be hesitant as if he intended to say hello. Xu Yuan did not stop his pace at all, he then went straight into his office’s room.

After closing the office door, Xu Yuan let out a breath. Then, he laid weakly on the chair as he pressing his temple. He hates to admit it, but he still felt a little bit emotional when he saw Lin XiaoEr. The other person’s looks and personality are so up to his appetizing. He was totally the type of person that he has been looking forward to for many years. Not only that, when those bright eyes were staring at him, it made him felt like he was the only one in that person’s eyes……..

Peii (3)Bah, it’s just a goddamn f**king delusion! A fart feeling (4)! Xu Yuan crumpled up a piece of paper and threw it into the trash with his sinking heart. The company just so happened to have a meeting about their project in Hong Kong. It was actually had nothing to deal with him as a manager of the financial department however Xu Yuan still went to attend this meeting with the people from the business department.


Lin Xiaoer also didn’t have such a nice and easy day neither. To be exact, he was having a very hard time.

Since they are under the same company, it was impossible to not run into each other no mater how hard he deliberately tried to avoid. And the thing that annoyed him the most was himself. He seemed to be possessed by someone and only when he heard Xu Yuan’s could made him feel a slight relax. Not only this but also on the night when he had fallen outwith Xu Yuan, he was so annoyed and only until it was past midnight could he fell asleep, and he actually had a spring dream (T/N: *cough a sexy dream *cough).

In his dream, even the man was so close to him yet he still couldn’t see his face clearly but he could feel the heat of his hot lips, he kissed him so passionately as if he was about to swallow him. His whole body was soft by the kiss, and his heart raced uncontrollably. The other person let out his warm breath as he slightly biting his neck and said: “Lin Xu, I want you…”

He then was awakened by a shock…….that was Xu Yuan’s voice!

He sat up, puffing and panting, only then did he find that his hand was holding his lower part. That place was still full of vigor, and his hand was wet and sticky. Despite being alone, Lin XiaoEr still wanted to jump into the ditch in shame. He immediately banging his head ‘Dong Dong Dong’ against the wall three times.

Lin XiaoEr stroked his chest repeatedly to comfort himself, he wasn’t bent, this happened because he listened to Xu Yuan’s voice way too much. Moreover, he was already determined to bid farewell to those voice and he will not listen to it any further so he will not have such a ridiculous kind of dream again in the future………… And even though Xu Yuan once gnawed his mouth, it’s not a big deal neither since they were both men, there was no loss at all………

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After a moment in a daze, he found himself touching his lips as if he was reminiscing the aftertaste of the kiss. Again, he felt so annoyed then rush to hit his head against the wall for three more times.

When he saw Xu Yuan at the company on the next day, Lin XiaoEr’s heart almost jumped out from his chest. He wanted to show his smile toward him per his habit but abruptly halt his smile in an awkward manner……. He seemed to has hit Xu yuan a few times yesterday?……. With such a hesitation, Xu Yuan then walked pass him. Lin XiaoEr’s heart was inexplicably felt so empty.

Damn it! How come it look just like the aftermath of the broken-up couple! Lin XiaoEr compliant in his heart then walked back to his office with his head dropped.

During these few days, Xu Yuan was no where to be seen. Lin XiaoEr felt as if he had lost his soul. He couldn’t sleep well at night. Either he had a messy dream or Xu Yuan’s voice kept echoing in his ears.

He laid feebly on the bed with his limbs outstretched.

He had to admit the fact that if he didn’t hear Xu Yuan’s voice, he couldn’t sleep at all.

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  1. Ahem…..Baby Yuan used such an insult words here. 太他妈地倒霉了! This was in the original context, a swear words huhu.
  2. 不断地恋爱——失恋——恋爱——失恋: This, I added some sentence to make it easy to understand haha. The direct translate is Falling in love- Lovelorn, Falling in love-Lovelorn (Sound so dry, right?)
  3. Peii, the sound of spitting sound. It similar to Yuck in English.
  4. 屁的感觉! This, I used direct translate since it sounds funny lol. It actually meant a Nonsense feeling or what a damn feeling.


  • Okay Xu Yuan baby, you seem to swear way too much in this chapter.
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  • Looking forward to the next chapter since it has ….ahem that part *cough
  • Lastly, Ashy to Lin XiaoEr >> Serve you right, Idiot!

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  1. Hahahaha spring dream!! Ouchie. Poor ML. MC deserves his suffering. Hahaha I found it funny that MC is the fifth. What happened to the saying, third time’s a charm

    1. I laughed so hard while translating this chapter lol

  2. ‘his whole begin was reveling’ Should be ‘his whole BEING was reveling’

    Poor Xu Yuan! He’s been rejected 5 times already!! But this time Lin XiaoEr will change his mind!!

    Thanks for the chapter! I hope you get well soon. Stay Hydrated!!

    1. Thank you so much~ i am all better now. I just can’t stand the hot whether….so fragile ahahaha.

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