Tone Seduction

[TS] Chapter 4 (1)

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Lin XiaoEr was completely stunned by all the things that happened out of the blue. He stared blankly at the man’s hand on his waist, so much so that he even forgot to break free yet Xu Yuan assumed that his frozen state was due to him being embarrassed to admit it instead. Xu Yuan’s body convulsed with laughter and he stuck closer to him. He’s tightening his wrapped around Lin XioaEr’s waste, and lightly bite on his earlobe and said huskily: “Your waist is so slender, I like it”

What an absurdly nonsense! The enchanting and charming voice resonated in his ears along with his warm breath made Lin Xiaoer’s entire body became weak and he almost couldn’t standstill. Isn’t this seem like that conspicuous BL drama? It’s clearly just likes his fiction Gong’s voice ah Gong’s voice.  (As you all know, Gong= Seme or Top)

Lin XiaoEr’s ears turned crimson red. That voice was surprisingly alluring with a slight bit of teasing which making his little heart skipped a beat. It took him quite a while to ultimately mutter a sentence out “Xu, Xu Yuan….Stop joking around.”

He thought Xu Yuan was jestingly made fun of him. He then pulled himself together and began to struggle out of Xu Yuan embrace.

Xu Yuan hugged him even tighter, and whispered in a low voice: “I already know about it.”

Know what? Lin XiaoEr was still in baffled suddenly Xu Yuan turned him around 180° then put his big hand on the back of his head and their mouth were locked together.

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Lin XiaoEr’s eyes nearly popped out of his head in shocks. The slippery stuff in his mouth was so flexible that it brushing acrossall of his mouth’s muscle-licking every inch of his gum and then he curled their tongues together and twirling sensually, kissing Lin XiaoEr so much that the other couldn’t breaths.

Lin Xiaoii’s heart was thumping wildly and shortly after Xu Yuan was pushed away. He was grasping for breath as if he was going to drown. There was the mist in his eyes, with anger he said: “You, what are you doing?”

Xu Yuan licked his lips reluntantly. His eyes revealed a smile in a fox eyes shape as he said: “So sweet … Don’t you like me kissing you? “

“……..”  Lin Xiaoer was flushed in shame. Suddenly, an idea was flashed like a spark in his mind, Sh*t, Xu Yuan couldn’t be gay, right?!

That was his first kiss he had treasured for twenty-four years long ah…….Lin XiaoEr felt both humiliated and furious. He cares no more whether that person was his boss or not, he then flung himself at him as he punching: “You damn asshole! What do you want to do to this Laozi?!….”

Even Xu Yuan has always been calm, however, the situation in front of him at this moment surprised him. Though Lin XiaoEr’s arms were thin yet it filled with unexpected intense vigor. Xu Yuan ducked as he was hit on his head and couldn’t help wondering: “What are you doing? Don’t you like me?” Although he quite likes someone with tsundere tendencies, but the one before him now is somewhat baffling ah…….

Lin Xiaoer was totally caught up in the intendency of near-insane anger: “Who, who, who likes you ah?”

“……” Xu Yuan was speechless but looking at usually refined person Lin XiaoEr’s rare eruption state, he indeed found him really cute, hence he couldn’t help but took a step forward as he said: “You don’t have to be shy to admit it. I already found out.”

Lin XiaoEr was alarmed and unconsciously drew a step back. He grabbed hold of the frying pan in his hand and said: “Don’t come over! What did you find out?”

Xu Yuan smirked then he cleared his throat and loudly said: “Still don’t admit it? You have recorded my voice in secret and mixed it with music, yet you said you don’t have a crush on me?”

“…” Lin Xiaoer was almost cried as he helplessly said, “I am truly not homosexual….”

  “…” Xu Yuan was completely dumbfounded. After a long silent, he said ” Then why did you stealthy peeking at me every day? And even recorded my voice?”

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Lin XiaoEr really wanted to scratched the wall to hide. He started stammering for almost half a day time before putting down the pan and said: “I, I just like your voice…..”

Lin XiaoEr swallowed his shame and went to turn on his computer. He took out his pen recorder and open the editing software. He gave Xu Yuan a detailed explanation of his voice complex condition and the information about all those radio dramas while also kept a safe distance between him and Xu Yuan as he afraid that the latter would approach him again.

 Although Xu Yuan didn’t understand anything about those detail but seeing Lin XiaoEr’s guarded manner against him made his eyes gradually became cold. After a long while of silent, he asked “So the reason you agreed to go out with me was just to secretly recorded my voice? Nothing else besides this?”

Xu Yuan intently watching him, sharing him straight in the eyes. Seeing this, Lin XiaoEr got a terribly guilty conscience and he didn’t dare to look back into his eyes.

His face flushed scarlet then he grunted: “Un (1)

He realized that he was the one in the wrong from the beginning, so he squeezed out his voice and continue: “That’s to say, I was at fault in this……. Besides, I’m a straight man! A genuine straight man!” He really didn’t expect Xu Yuan to be a gay ahh……

  Xu Yuan smiled slightly, and expressionlessly said, “Okay, I get it now.” Then he took his outer coat and left without turning back.

Lin XiaoEr’s gaze followed his back. He opened his mouth as if he was about to say something but end up not knowing what to say. He turned his head and look down at his phone in dismay. To his chagrin, He repeatedly knocked his head against the table. But somehow, what on his mind now is not Xu Yuan’s voice but Xu Yuan’s eyes, those pair of obviously injured eyes which hidden behind his indifference attitude…….

On that night, Lin XiaoEr throbbed with pain in the heart as he deleted all those voices that belong to Xu Yuan. Those voices that had accompanied him throughout this time was removed from both his computer and phone one by one. As he reached to delete the last audio, the audio song that sang by Xu Yuan, Lin XiaoEr felt his heartbroken and his hand was shaking like a person with hand tremors. It took him quite a while to clicked on the “Confirmed” button.

He sulkily buried his head into his pillow, vowing in his heart that he must quit this so called voice complex condition of him.

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  1. Hahahah 🤣😂🤣 oh god, someone is still in denial. Poor ML tho. Guess it’s time to bend MC. Well but he’s probably already bent

  2. ‘Lin XioaEr’s waste’ Should be ‘Lin XiaoEr’s waist’

    ‘reluntantly’ –> reluctantly

    NOOOOO. Lin XiaoEr was ruthless!!! After all that flirting, how can he say honestly there is not any feelings at all? Let’s see how he suffers now faced with Xu Yuan’s indifference.

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    1. Thank you for your comment! I am glad to see you here again~
      ‘Let’s see how he suffers now faced with Xu Yuan’s indifference.’He will ahemmmm (≥◇≤)

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