Tone Seduction

[TS] Chapter 5

Title: It’s not that I don’t reject you but you tricked me with your voice……

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Xu Yuan had been away for seven or eight days. Thus, Lin Xiao Er had a pair of dark circles under his eyes.

Recently, he had serious insomnia problems, which “One” was unable to sleep, “Two” even when he could fall fast asleep, he would have had the messy dream. As for the specific content of dreams? Please refer to the previous chapter. (T/N: YESS!! The authors wrote it this way lol) What’s hurt the most was the picture quality of the dream which was getting more and more clear, even to the extent that he could clearly see the face that belongs to Xu Yuan was been sticking next to his.

Lin XiaoEr laid in a daze on his bed with this 大(1) body shape as he staring at the ceiling with the ocean tears in his heart. In the past, he couldn’t wait to go back to his nest after work but now he was distracted from his work, and it was such torture once he arrived back home. The food was tasteless, singing and dancing were boring, even while reading the new episode of his favorite novel which he had been looking forward to also didn’t make him hype at all. Certainly, the worst thing was that he didn’t even dare to shoot the plane (2)……

He was as decadent as a rag-dolled now……

He turned restlessly, and unconsciously picked up the phone beside him and dialed out a string of numbers. When the phone was connected, Lin XiaoEr suddenly woke up and hung up hurriedly. He knocked his head and scolded himself for being such a coward! Since he had made it clear with Xu Yuan, then why did he still want to sneak on listening to the other person’s voices?

Just when Lin XiaoEr was vexing at himself, who would have known that Xu Yuan would actually phone him back again? Lin XiaoEr was stunned and he looking at that ringing phone just like looking at a time bomb, his hands were shaking with fear. His scalp was all numb as he waited for the ring to pass. But, before he could inhale a breath, the phone was ringing again, which seem to indicate that he would not give up if he didn’t answer it.

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Lin XiaoEr couldn’t help but picking it up with his trembling hand. He kneaded his throat and asked, “Hello, who’s speaking?”

Xu Yuan paused then replied, “You called me just now, and you have called twice before.”

Hearing the voice that he hadn’t been able to hear for so long, Lin XiaoEr was in a trance-like state for a while, then he clenched the phone and continued: “…….. My apologies, I had the wrong number again.”

When he heard Xu Yuan’s voice, his heartbeat speeds up as if changing the motor, thump…thump, it almost popping out of his chest.

“……” There was not much up and down intonation in Xu Yuan’s tone, “Is that so? Then, please don’t make the wrong number again. Thanks.”

After listening to the disconnect call tune as he getting hung up on from the other side without the slightest hesitation, Lin XiaoEr put his phone away in a dejected way. He really detested himself. He hated himself for why did he love the male voice? Why did he fell head over heel over Xu Yuan’s voice? If he fell over his voice then so be it ba but just why did he have such an erotic type of dream with Xu Yuan? When he heard his voice just now, although he was nervous, he marvelously felt the sense of satisfaction. This felt just like he had finally achieved his long cherish goal……


After Xu Yuan came back from his business trip for half a month, Lin XiaoEr had lost all his weight just like a person who was suffering from lovesickness. So, when he saw Xu Yuan’s high-spirited appearance, he inexplicably began to feel a little resentful in his heart.

Xu Yuan appeared to be more amiable than before, still attired in the formal suit just like a male model as usual, and his face revealed a big smile upon seeing other people.

Lin XiaoEr maliciously though that he’s getting fatter. (……)

However, although his expression seems to be more relaxed than before, in contrast, Xu Yuan’s words were less than before, it wasn’t exceeded five words per his sentence at all. When he met Lin XiaoEr, he also didn’t avoid him whatsoever, he simply just nodded like meeting a complete stranger. Although they usually didn’t talk much before, seeing the situation they were in now made Lin XiaoEr couldn’t help but feel lost and empty in his heart.  

One day, he went to bring the documents to Xu Yuan in his office but he didn’t even lift head to see him and just waved to let him out.

Lin XiaoEr dawdled back to the door, just then he turned back and couldn’t help saying: “Xu…….Director, about our previous misunderstanding……”

“What misunderstanding?” Xu Yuan tranquility lifted his head to look at him, ” I’ve already forgotten it.”

There was a serene look in his eyes as if there were really nothing happened between them. Lin XiaoEr instantaneously felt as if his heart was being pricked by a needle.

It took him quite some time to uttered: “Oh….Never mind then……”

Then he walked out in a flurry after he said those words and because of his frantic heart, the door that was supposed to pull in was pushed out by him instead, thus it made him unable to open the door after he tried to push out almost half a day time(3).

Xu Yuan pressed his palm to his face (4), then heaved a helpless sighed as he could no longer hold himself back to asked: “Lin Xu, why did you give me a call?”

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The documents in the Lin XiaoEr’s hand fell and scattered over the ground, his whole body was turned completely rigid. And, when he was able to react again, Xu Yuan had already come over and pushed him against the wall.

Looking at the magnified view of the other person’s handsome face that close at a hand reach length against his face, Lin XiaoEr’s face was instantly burned in crimson red.

He pushed Xu Yuan away with his trembling hands: “Xu Yuan, what-what are you doing?”

Xu Yuan was way much stronger than him so he could easily cup Lin XiaoEr’s both hands and pressed it against the wall over his head, and he drew his body closer to him.

He looked at Lin Xiaoer’s shivering eyelashes then continued to utter a string of numbers out: “XXX – XXXXXXXX, what do you mean by gave me a call?” He was talking about Lin XiaoEr’s landline telephone.

Lin XiaoEr felt like weeping with his tearless eyes. He couldn’t give him any suitable reason as he also didn’t know which ghost had possessed him at that time. He didn’t dare to look up at those pairs of Xu Yuan’s sharp bright eyes. Even with his head down like this, he still could feel that the opposite person was staring at him. He was no different from the poor little chick that was in the watched by the eagle………

Xu Yuan also didn’t utter any more words as if want to imply that, he would not let him go if he couldn’t give him the answer.

“I, I…” Lin XiaoEr was so tense that he was almost out of breath, “I just want to hear your voice…” 

“……” Xu Yuan had never been so angry like this.

However, the angrier he was, the calmer his tone. He even deliberately blew a breath on Lin Xiaoer’s ear provocatively, and kept his voice in a slower and lower pitch as he said: “It was one o’clock in the morning(1 AM)…….Why did you want to hear my voice at such a late night?”

Lin Xiaoer’s ears were turned completely red, he felt weak on his knees, and his hands that were locked by the other person’s hand begin to shake. Frankly speaking, if it wasn’t for the wall behind his back, he would have long fallen on the ground……

Xu Yuan couldn’t help teasing him. He changed to use both of his palms to press Lin XiaoEr’s hands against the wall, and whispered: “Couldn’t it be that you like to listen to my voice so much that you cannot help but want to use it as your background music to shoot the plane?” He continued to press his body against him as he spoke, and was met with the other person stiffen body………

He felt the change in Lin XiaoEr’s lower part.

Lin XiaoEr was almost faint from his shame. Why ah why did he have an erection for no apparent reason huh?! For the moment when Xu Yuan leaned closer to him, he somehow got an inexplicable sensation similar to the scene in his dream……His chest heaved violently. He wished that he could just faint right now, even if he was transmitted into the Jurassic World now and be chased to death by dinosaurs, he was also willing as long as he could get rid of this kind of weird scene that he was facing now.

Xu Yuan could hardly believe it so he reached out his hand to touch it for confirmation. (……)

Lin Xiaoer’s legs turned to jelly from his touch. And it was only a while later that he began to speak in a quavering voice as he struggled frantically to escape from his hand: “You hoodlum! Where are you touching?! Let go of me!!!”

Xu Yuan was turned speechless. Yet, though he had been punched thrice and got two kicks over his body, he still didn’t draw back at all: “Who exactly is the hoodlum? Your lower part was so hard now yet you said I am a hoodlum?”

“…” Lin XiaoEr was struck by his words, he lowered his head and stop resisting, he hung his head lowered so much that his head was almost retracted into his neck.

He was in a state of confusion now, perhaps he was getting so many weird dreams these days, thus he overlapped the reality with his dream……

Xu Yuan stepped forward without any hesitation, his hand held up Lin Xiaoer’s chin before whispered, “Close your eyes.”

His voice and his eyes were particularly charming. Lin XiaoEr, whose head was still in muddledness, closed his eyes by his conditioned response, then his mouth was blocked.

Ten minutes later, Lin XiaoEr had reached his climax. Xu Yuan held him in his arm and began to wipe his hands with his handkerchief…

As if Xu Yuan was afraid that he was not received enough stimulated so he said: “Why so fast? Your expression is quite touching.”

Lin XiaoEr weakly held onto the forepart of Xu Yuan’s suit. There was no need to mention the shame and indignation he felt in his heart, he was already scared out of his wit as soon as he got back to his sense, Okay?

Fortunately, his pant had been zipped up so he wasn’t apparently left out in any more intense embarrassment situation whatsoever. He panted for air and weakly said: “I am not gay…..”

But somehow, he unexpectedly found that Xu Yuan smelled pretty good. It was the kind of incredibly attractive yet indescribable smell just like his voice.

“…….Then, let confirm it once again ba.” Xu Yuan gently grabbed Lin XiaoEr’s waist and pull him in and kissed him tenderly on his lip. Lin XiaoEr blushed and his heart was thumping wildly. And maybe because his hands were just free from his locked, both of his hands were slightly numb and even he tried to repeatedly resist, he was still pressed against by Xu Yuan. (T/N: I don’t think I got this right. Sorry! T^T)

He was almost deprived of oxygen after Xu Yuan let him go. And, Xu Yuan just frankly uttered: “You didn’t reject me.”

“…….You tricked me with your voice! How could I reject you…..” Lin Xiaoer’s face has completely changed into a red tomato, yet he still held firmly onto his lame excuse. 

“I didn’t speak when I kissed you, and you even kiss me back.” Xu Yuan calmly reminded him.

“…….In any case, I am a straight man!”

“Straight man will not get hard just by listening to a man’s voice!”

“I’m straight anyway!”

“……” Xu Yuan thought it would be better to just block Lin XiaoEr’s mouth, so he went up to block it.

When Lin XiaoEr finally fled out from his office, he was in a complete mess, and his lip was swollen. Xu Yuan, on the other hand, was very contented and he happily smiled like a cat who succeeded in stealing fish.

Lin XiaoEr slammed the door shut mercilessly. At that moment, Xu Yuan also said something by his ear: “Being hypocrite was also your moe point (5). After work, wait for me to have dinner together.”

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——Moe, Big tits ah Moe (6)!! Lin XiaoEr looked at his own lip in the mirror with shame and indignation.

But he had to admit that the empty place that lingering in his heart these days was suddenly filled full. He thought to himself, could it be that he indeed was gay? Besides his hardworking left and right hand, this was the first time he was in someone else’s hand and it was in the man’s hand too…….He quickly used tap water to cool down his hot and smoking face.

Unlike other men who love to watch those vigorous, wet and so forth things, he had read BL manga, and certainly, he read BG and GL too. He always felt that his sexual orientation was normal, even though he also counted as a fudanshi, never once did he ever muddle through that fujoshi fandom, he would only scroll through other post and followed them to ask for the secondary recourse at most.

It seemed that he had never taken a liking on girl, surely, there was also no man too……


  1. The sleeping poster with his hand and leg stretch out on the bed and made into this 大 position.
  2. It meant “masturb***” in Chinese slang.
  3. Again, this just an emphasize talk. It simply meant quite a long time.
  4. See below special post lol
  5. Moe points are normally cute or sexy without being normally considered sexy
  6. ——萌大奶啊萌, Ummm…Since I can’t find a suitable phrase to describe it, let just put it this way. Direct Translate 萌: Moe/Meng, 大奶: Big boobs. (Sorry for this! I already tried my best)

Special (4): This was what Xu Yuan look like lol:

Ashy Xue: Long time no see!

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